“PHANTOMS AND MONSTERS OF JAPAN” and More True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

PHANTOMS AND MONSTERS OF JAPAN” and More True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: He and his lover took all their possessions and 12,000 doses of LSD to go live in the Satanist sex castle of Corpsewood Manor. Then their story ended with a bloodbath. (The Corpsewood Manor Murders) *** 6-year-old Sheila Fox’s disappearance is strange in that there is more than one account of her abduction – contradictory accounts. So what happened to her on that August day in 1944? (Girl In The Green Mac) *** A skeptic of the paranormal housesits for friends in their haunted house. This should get interesting. (The Skeptic And The Playful Ghost) *** We’ve all heard of werewolves, and in recent episodes we’ve touched on other creatures of a similar nature such as were-dogs, were-hyenas, and the like. There are were-tigers, and were-… well, you get the idea. But here’s one I’ll be you never heard of. A were-tree. (When Creatures Change Form) *** According to one of our Weirdo family members, it’s possible to live in a haunted house without ever seeing any sign of the paranormal – until you decide to begin remodeling. (It Began In The Conservatory) *** How do you run from something that is faster than any human being alive, and is invisible? (Hiker Confronts Invisible Bipedal Entity) *** Have you ever woken up and don’t remember even walking into your bedroom to go to bed the night before? For one person, that was just the beginning of the outlandish things to follow. (I Don’t Think I Was Dreaming) *** On June 16, 1936, Hallie Latham, a waitress living in Port Angeles, Washington, married her third husband, a beer truck driver and well-known ladies’ man named Monty Illingworth. She had no idea on what was undoubtedly a happy day that she had just made the worst mistake of her life – or that she was soon to become a legend in death. (The Lady of the Lake) *** Japan has rightly earned itself a reputation as a wellspring of the weird, of that there can be no doubt. Of special interest here is all of the strange creatures and entities said to inhabit this land, ranging from mysterious monsters, to phantoms, to everything in between. (Phantoms and Monsters of Japan)
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“I Don’t Think I Was Dreaming” by E. Velez, submitted at WeirdDarkness.com
“Phantoms and Monsters of Japan” by Brent Swancer: http://bit.ly/2Or6IiX
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