“THE GOATMAN’S BRIDGE HAUNTING” and 6 More Freaky True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

THE GOATMAN’S BRIDGE HAUNTING” and 6 More Freaky True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Legend has it that a brutal lynching and a series of Satanic rituals transformed Goatman’s Bridge in rural Texas into a paranormal hotspot. (The Haunting of Goatman’s Bridge) *** Over six decades later, the brutal, unsolved murders at Lake Bodom continues to haunt Finland… and beyond. (The Lake Bodom Murders) *** A man finds his neighbor laying in the snow, frozen solid – yet somehow she survives. I’ll tell you the miraculous story of Jean Hilliard! (The Hibernating Woman) *** We like to think that 21st Century medicine has brought us more into science and further away from superstition and magic – and that’s mostly true, for the Western World. But in South Africa they’ve not given up the chanting, the dancing, and in some cases… the sacrificing of human lives… all in the name of healing. (Muti Medicine: Ritual Human Sacrifice) *** For anyone who has used a ride-share service like Uber or Lyft, it’s probably happened to you at least once. You’re waiting on your ride to pick you up, you see a car coming your way and you think it’s there for you – only to find out a few seconds later that it’s not. One college girl had this same experience – only she got in to that wrong vehicle, and ended up being murdered for her mistake. (An Uber Mistake) *** The history of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is wrapped up in Chicago’s wealthiest families having their summer homes there. But even as early as 1912, when people were writing about the city, they said the second most significant thing about this town was the sanitariums. (The Lake Geneva Sanitariums) *** Some old documents were found recently that tell the story of the first time in recorded history that someone was struck by a meteor! (Hit By a Meteor)

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