“THE MONSTER OF LONDON” and 6 More True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

THE MONSTER OF LONDON” and 6 More True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: In March 1788 Maria Smythe was attacked by a stranger who uttered some foul words, stabbed her, then ran. She survived, but was only the first of more than fifty women to suffer the same in London. This wasn’t Jack The Ripper – he wouldn’t come along for another 100 years. This was the Monster of London. (The Monster of London) *** On his first day walking to the bus stop alone before school, Etan Patz was abducted – and became one of the first children whose face ended up on a milk carton. (The Boy On The Milk Carton) *** If you are left-handed, you might be offended by one of the stories I have in this episode. But then, you lefties are all sinister anyway, right? (The Sinister Left-Handers) *** In 1827, young Maria Marten slipped into a red barn to meet her secret lover. It was the last time she would be seen alive. (The Red Barn Murder) *** It sounds like the makings of a paranormal slasher film – a woman is followed home one day by a paranormal entity – an entity that is angry because it used to be a human that was murdered. (The Haunting of Leah Lewis) *** Imagine your business is failing and you need to drum up customers, so you hire a consultant. “No problem,” he says. “All I need is a few things to get started… do you happen to have have any problems chopping off your closest living relative’s hand?” Welcome to Muti magic that some say still takes place even today. (Murderous Muti Magic) *** Edward Howard Bell was a murderer on the run and evaded capture for close to twenty years. When finally captured, authorities found out they didn’t just have a murderer… but a serial killer, who he claims had sent eleven young girls to heaven. (He Sent Eleven Young Girls to Heaven)
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