“THE MONSTER OF PARTRIDGE CREEK” and More Horrifyingly True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

THE MONSTER OF PARTRIDGE CREEK” and More Horrifyingly True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Is it possible that dinosaurs lived recently? Like, in the 1900s? Even more bizarre… could they have been living in the 20th century in, of all places, the Arctic Circle? (The Monster of Partridge Creek) *** On May 3, 1881, Mena Muller and Louis Kettler took the ferry from New York City to Hoboken, New Jersey. They were going to be married in Hoboken, although they each had a spouse already. The legality of the marriage did not concern them; they were returning to Germany and would start a new life there. But somehow their plans went awry; that night Louis Kettler returned to New York alone and ten days later Mena Muller’s body was found in New Jersey with a fractured skull. (The Guttenberg Murder) *** Timothy Trespas lives in his home in Brooklyn. And I do mean in his home – as he rarely leaves the house, because he feels he is being stalked everywhere he goes by gangs of individuals. And he’s not the only one. (Gang Stalking Paranoia) *** They say walking is good for you… but that depends on where you walk, when you walk, and who you bump into, as one person found out late one night just trying to alleviate the boredom. (The Smiling Man) *** We’ve all slept in longer than we planned. What’s the longest you ever slept in? Three hours? Thirteen hours? Did you ever sleep three days straight? I think I see maybe two hands raised out there. You two are amateurs. One man slept 300 days out of the year. (Never Enough Sleep) *** A man had several unexplained incidents while hiking in a German forest. Shaken by the events, he eventually encounters a man with bright green eyes. Was this a Guardian Angel or was it a gray alien? (Woodland Guardian Angel)
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