“THE POLITICS OF THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE” and More Creepy True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

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THE POLITICS OF THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE” and More Creepy True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: The one great thing about a zombie apocalypse, if one were to ever take place, is that we might finally be free from the stupidity of politicians. Or… would we? (The Politics of the Zombie Apocalypse) *** We’ve heard quite a bit about supply shortage during the Covid pandemic – but how bad could it get, really? I mean, we’re not talking famine, right? We’re not going to go armed to the teeth in the streets to steel food from others, that’d be un-American. Well, tell that to the people of Richmond, Virginia in 1863 who rioted when the final straw for them was the price of bread going too high. (The Richmond Bread Riot) *** After numerous twists and turns to get into position, the fighter pilot shot a total of 64 30mm shells at an extraterrestrial spacecraft to bring it down or destroy it altogether. Most all of his shots were direct hits – but his target continued on without a scratch. (Air to Air Combat With a Flying Saucer) *** What happened at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will forever be burned into the hearts and minds of scientists and historians worldwide. Two people died instantly from the explosion – dozens more from radiation poisoning in the months to come. But not everyone is buying the story we’ve been told. They believe something more sinister took place and that it’s being covered up. (Chernobyl Conspiracies) *** In February 2008 a contract murder took place, but there seemed to be no reason behind it. Who would want Lindsay Buziak dead – and why? (Who Killed Lindsay Buziak?)
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