“THE REAL MUMMY’S CURSE” and More True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

THE REAL MUMMY’S CURSE” and More True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: When driving towards the banks of the Chunky River in Mississippi, it’s best not to ignore the “Stuckey Bridge Closed” sign. In fact, you might want to avoid the bridge altogether if you are the least bit squeamish. (The Hanging Man at Stuckey’s Bridge) *** Feelings created by your living area. Can your home truly dictate the way you feel? (Feelings of Pain, Hatred and Anger Caused By My Apartment) *** In the early 1870s the counties of Labette and Montgomery in Kansas were experiencing an alarming number of missing persons. Could a local grocery owner and his family be to blame? (The Bloody Benders) *** The legend of Lavinia Fisher has been told and retold since her execution in Charleston, South Carolina in 1820 and with each telling it has grown more extravagant and further from the truth. (The Legend of Lavinia Fisher) *** Why are so many mysterious vanishings combined with some type of cloud, fog or mist? (Mysterious Mists And Strange Vanishings) *** Frank Lloyd Wright is regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in the history of American architecture. One of his creations was Taliesin, meant to be a hideaway for Wright and his mistress. But that beautiful home soon became a scene of utter horror – and it left behind a haunting. (Murder at Taliesin) *** A family buys a home to renovate and resell – but soon they come to realize why the previous owners might have been so eager to sell the house and get out. (The Shadow On My Sofa) *** A big smile is usually a joy-filled and even comforting sight – so why do so many terrifying encounters with evil include entities or villains with evil grins? (Smiling, Sinister and Supernatural) *** If you decide to visit the most haunted house in Philadelphia, whatever you do, avoid the “Death Chair.” (Baleroy Mansion) ***Dracula, the Wolf Man, and Frankenstein’s creation… no list of monsters would be complete without our toilet-paper-covered friend, “The Mummy” and, of course, the curse that goes with it. But in real life, did the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 unleash a terrible curse? (The Mummy’s Curse)
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