“REAL KRIS KRINGLE SIGHTINGS” and More True Christmas Stories! #HolidayHorrors #WeirdDarkness

REAL KRIS KRINGLE SIGHTINGS” and More True Christmas Stories! #HolidayHorrors #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Many of us are familiar with the flip side of Father Christmas – the darker entity who visits and kidnaps bad children, Krampus. But when it comes to true fear, even Krampus would run in terror at the sight of Iceland’s Gryla, the Christmas Witch! With roots dating back to the 13th century, Gryla is not to be messed with! (Iceland’s Christmas Witch) *** It was Christmastime, 1938, and 19-year-old Margaret Martin had just graduated from Wilkes-Barre Business College with honors and was eager to secure a secretarial job. Her eagerness would lead to her disappearance. (The Murder of Margaret Martin) *** Ask anyone over the age of twelve what they think about the existence of Santa Claus and you’ll most assuredly get the same answer. But that has not stopped people of all ages reporting sightings of the jolly old elf, and some of the stories are downright creepy. (The Strange World of True Kris Kringle Sightings) *** Two murders committed in the same house during the holidays of 1928 appear to have resulted in the spirits of Christmas past haunting the place today. (The Hundley Murders)
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