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NEXT WEIRDO WATCH PARTY: Friday, July 24th, 2020


FRIDAY, JULY 24th, 2020
5:30pm PT, 6:30pm MT, 7:30pm CT, 8:30pm ET

Many of you have been asking for an earlier Weirdo Watch Party so you could participate to – so this one is for you!  Arachna from Beware Theater is hosting the Bela Lugosi classic “The Human Monster” from 1939!
“An insurance agent-physician collects on policies of men murdered by a disfigured resident of the home for the blind where he acts as doctor-on-call!”
You don’t need to buy a ticket, it’s always free to join the Weirdo Watch Party – just set a reminder on your mobile device, online calendar, smart home device, whatever you have to do so you don’t miss it – and this one is early enough that you can get to bed at a decent hour!  Join us as Arachna brings us Bela Lugosi in “The Human Monster” on July 24th right here on the Weirdo Watch Party Page!


Horror hosts are a dying breed (pun intended!) but they are still beloved by scary movie fans around the world – especially Weirdos!  Join Weird Darkness host Darren Marlar and Weirdo family members like yourself and watch different horror hosts present old B-horror movies, and while doing so, hang out in the chatroom to make snarky remarks about the film and heckle the onscreen acting and action!  It’s FREE, it’s FUN, and it’s guaranteed to give you a scare… or more likely a laugh!

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