Weird Darkness Radio

Weird Darkness Radio is FREE to air on YOUR station!  Click here to email us, or email and get it on the air as early as this weekend!

(Click the player above for a message from Weird Darkness host, Darren Marlar)
Hosted by Darren Marlar, Weird Darkness has been compared to “Coast to Coast AM”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Unsolved Mysteries”, and “In Search Of”.  Each episode brings true stories of the paranormal, mysterious, or strange – all with a dark element to them.  When airing Weird Darkness Radio on your station, you are airing an award-winning show hosted by an award-winning professional voice artist:
* Ranked #2 worldwide in Podcast Magazine‘s “Best True Crime and Horror” list for 2020
* Darren Marlar’s narration of “The Tell-Tale Heart” won Bronze at HEAR NOW 2020 Podcast Palooza
* Reached #5 on the “HOT 50” chart for November 2020 by Podcast Magazine
* Deemed one of “The 20 Best Storytellers in Podcasting” in 2019 by Podcast Business Journal
* Finalist for ”Storyteller-Drama” award for the “People’s Choice Podcast Awards” in 2019 

Weird Darkness Radio consists of two self-contained 1-hour shows (episodes) per week.  Because each hour is self-contained, you can choose to air just one hour of the show if you wish, or both hours back-to-back, or air one hour of the show on one day, and then the other hour of the show the next – perfect for stations needing something unique for both Saturday and Sunday nights!
Each hour comes in four segments, with a total running time of 55 minutes – allowing you slots for commercials, sponsors, promos, station IDs, etc.  Or increase the length of each show by inserting songs and other elements between the segments!
Weird Darkness Radio is delivered via a shared folder in Dropbox.  In the folder, files are labeled by hour and segment.  For example, WDR1-1 is the first segment of the first hour; WDR2-3 is the third segment of the second hour.  File names never change; the files are simply replaced each week with new files using the same names, making it easier to download new files to replace those you aired over the weekend!
You can also customize Weird Darkness Radio for your station!  Darren Marlar will voice your show-related scripts for free, such as:  “We now return to Weird Darkness on Rock Haven’s home for talk – AM1440!” Or, “I’m Darren Marlar – come with me into the Weird Darkness every Saturday and Sunday night at midnight, right here on AM1440 – Rock Haven’s home for talk!
Even a full promo, complete with show theme music (we’ll produce it for you): “Bolt your doors, lock your windows, turn off your lights, and come with me into the Weird Darkness!  I’m Darren Marlar, the host of Weird Darkness, where every weekend I treat you to true stories of the paranormal, supernatural, crime, conspiracy, legends, lore, mysterious, macabre, unsolved and unexplained!  Join me every Saturday and Sunday night at eleven for Weird Darkness here on 1440AM!
For those loyal listeners who love Weird Darkness and your station, we’ll even send you a customized Weird Darkness Radio cathedral radio design – incorporating your logo and dial position – to use however you wish!  Perfect for display on your website, to include in emails to let listeners on your newsletter list know about the new show, wall hangings for your hallway, posters for giveaways, even include it in your own merchandise store if you have one – great for t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, totes, or whatever else you sell!  If you don’t have a store, we can place it in our own store and share the link with you!


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