Weirdo Watch Party

SATURDAY, MAY 01, 2021…

7pm PT/8pm MT/9pm CT/10pm ET/4pm HI/May 02, 3am UK
We’re watching the 1922 silent film NOSFERATU, starring Max Schreck – with horror hosts Drac and Countess Carita from “Transylvania Tonight”! This is one of the rare occasions where the film we’ll be watching isn’t B-movie at all, but a legitimate horror classic! Join us for the Weirdo Watch Party as we watch the film online together for FREE while being entertained throughout the film by horror hosts Drac and Carita – and jump into the chatroom with us if you want, to discuss the film – or just sit back and enjoy the show!


Horror hosts are a dying breed (pun intended!) but they are still beloved by scary movie fans around the world – especially Weirdos!  Join Weird Darkness host Darren Marlar and Weirdo family members like yourself and watch different horror hosts present old B-horror movies, and while doing so, hang out in the chatroom to make snarky remarks about the film and heckle the onscreen acting and action!  It’s FREE, it’s FUN, and it’s guaranteed to give you a scare… or more likely a laugh!

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