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NEXT WEIRDO WATCH PARTY: Saturday, May 30th, 2020

(7:00pm PT, 8:00pm MT, 9:00pm CT, 10:00pm ET)



MAY 30th, 2020…

Our next Weirdo Watch Party is Saturday, May 30th at 9pm Central Time!  Join me, other Weirdo family members, and horror hosts Slash and Foxi Roxi as they present the 1984 B-horror movie, Carnage. Carnage is the story of Carol and Jonathan, a newlywed couple, who move into their new house which is haunted by the ghosts of another newlywed couple who committed suicide in the house three years earlier.
It’s absolutely free to join in on the fun – just visit the page, click the video play button, and you’re one! We’ll all watch the movie together, and at the same time, on that same page, we can chat with each other about the film, and most of the time the horrors hosts jump into the chatroom with us as well.  This all in good fun, but it also helps to promote different horror hosts and show them that we appreciate them keeping the art form alive.  So join us for the 1984 schlock horror film, “Carnage”!  This time the party is on the Weirdo Watch Party page at  Put it on your Google calendar, set a reminder on your smart home device, write it on your calendar with blood – or black cherry soda – whatever you have to do so you won’t miss the fun!  Again, it’s on the Weirdo Watch Party page on  Saturday, May 30th at 7pm Pacific, 8pm Mountain, 9pm Central, 10pm Eastern, at!


Chat with television horror hosts LIVE while watching their show!  Horror hosts are a dying breed (pun intended!) but they are still beloved by scary movie fans around the world – especially Weirdos!  Join Weird Darkness host Darren Marlar and other Weirdo family members like yourself and watch one of those undead horror hosts present an old B-horror movie and, and hang out in the chatroom with Weirdo family members and the horror host of the evening at the same time!

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