A Theory on Spontaneous Human Combustion From a Weirdo Family Member

A Theory on Spontaneous Human Combustion From a Weirdo Family Member

Hi Darren!
First off I want to say my brother and I can’t get enough of your podcast, we love it, this is my brother’s story really. This is more of a thought of what could possibly cause human spontaneous combustion. Here it is, from Jayce…

Spontaneous combustion A hypothesis with science.
Spontaneous combustion is a horrifying thought. Usually unknown when this rare occurrence will happen to your family member or not. Or in the same household.
I have been told as I was learning energy work that Spontaneous combustion was your energy being out of balance if you did not ground it you would catch flame.
I became curious from that point on. What could cause you to be out of balance your body usually regulates energy like a magnificent factory.
So I listened to many accounts of in person stories regarding Spontaneous combustion.
One thing in common with many stories. The fire is colored blue. The other thing in common is the person is in a fugue like state sometimes which is another symptom. The fire also doesn’t catch and burn to other very flammable material easily. The fire also cannot be put out easily with tap water.
Taking the color of the fire as the biggest indication of what may be going on. I noticed through my experience with arts that the kilns have different color fires. They used chemicals to preserve their sculptures.
So looking up what burns blue in fire I found two elements we could possibly make that could cause a chemical fire.
One is hydrocarbons. It usually has to do with excess and acidic oil. But we can create them in small amounts.
Second and more likely because of the common smell of the cases “rotten eggs” it is actually Sulfur Dioxide. Sulfur toxicity can also cause seizures and brain damage.
Sulfur dioxide is highly flammable and it comes from eating too much sulfuric foods and not enough base good to help the chemistry stay balanced.
Sulfur is high in meats, beans, alcohol, eggs, nuts, leafy green vegetables, whole grains etc. Which is most of the American diet.
So all the food we eat contains sulfur. Hypothetically how can one lead a healthy life to prevent it if they so chose?
Answer seems to be eat healthy. One thing you can do is keep up regimens to keep your body pH balanced or slightly basic with what you eat. The point sulfur dioxide becomes dangerous to our beings is when acidity is added to the equation. Acid can catch fire when it combustion with other elements like metals or carbons.
So if we keep ourselves balanced PH wise we may be able to prevent spontaneous combustion.
This is a theory only and I doubt any lab wants to try and use mice to test this theory or even cells in a lab which would be much more humane. Though maybe we can tell with other symptoms that subjects were complaining about before the incident.
I would note we need Sulfur for our metabolic systems and cell regeneration. This is a case that may stem from being out of balance with sulfur. To toxic levels and if you shake Sulfur dioxide it can catch flame.

I hope this makes your podcast! Keep it weird and mysterious!– Amy U.

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