“ABSURD ENTITIES”, “THE OTHER BABYSITTERS” and More Horrifyingly True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

ABSURD ENTITIES”, “THE OTHER BABYSITTERS” and More Horrifyingly True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode with stories from September 23-24, 2018) *** Following the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp, American troops felt an urge to personally punish the camp’s guards. What exactly transpired still isn’t known. (How Dachau Concentration Camp Guards Got Their Comeuppance) *** When someone in her town was ill, Bertha was to first to pick up her medical bag and rush to the scene to try and help the sickly individual. It never failed though – shortly after her visit, Bertha’s patients would pass away. (The Horrible Bertha Gifford) *** The Chicago Water Tower is one of the oldest buildings in the Windy City. Is it also one of the most haunted? (Chicago’s Haunted Water Tower) *** A bell ringing team in England is plagued by phantom footsteps. (The Phantom Footsteps That Haunt Our Church) *** The crate was picked up and delivered to the docks. It was scheduled to leave for New Orleans that afternoon, but inclement weather kept the boat and crew in port for a week. That’s when sailors began complaining of a foul odor coming from the hold. (The Corpse In The Shipping Crate) *** In the already exceedingly odd history of mysterious encounters with unexplained entities, there are sometimes some that stand out as particularly bizarre, to the point of being almost ludicrous. And I’ll share a few. (Absurd Entities) *** Just because you’re working in a busy office in the middle of the day doesn’t mean you can’t be disturbed by the paranormal. (The Haunted Office) A restaurant owner sees a man standing outside in the rain – but none of his employees can see the man. (No Entry!) *** Surrounded by sunny beaches, lush palm trees, and warm sand… and still one man is terrorized by an entity. (I Think My Hotel Room is Haunted) *** If you plan on staying at a strange hotel, be sure it wasn’t built on a sacred burial ground. (The Ancients Walk at Night) *** Just because your family doesn’t know of a death taking place in your house in the past, doesn’t mean there wasn’t one. (A Visitation From The Great Beyond) *** A girl babysits a group of children, but feels she’s not the only one awake in the house. (The Other Babysitters) *** A man is pelted with candy by an unseen entity. (The Poltergeist Who Won’t Leave Us… Ever) *** Can a house be haunted by… a smell? (A Ghostly Smell) *** A man checks in to a hotel he had no idea was haunted – yet the hotel staff knew. (The Crying Ghost of Galveston) *** A girl’s dorm room becomes haunted on her last day at school… but upon arriving home, she discovers the phantom has followed her. (The Voice) *** At the end of the podcast, a full chapter from the audiobook “Into Darkness” by Jason R. Davis!
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A chapter from the novel “Into Darkness” by Jason R. Davis: http://ow.ly/FXL130lWdWx (Also find this story in the anthology audiobook, “Last Exit”: http://amzn.to/2v5ivdP)
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