“ALIEN VOICES OVER RADIO AND TV” plus 4 More True Creepy Stories! #WeirdDarkness

“ALIEN VOICES OVER RADIO AND TV” plus 4 More True Creepy Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: While scientists at SETI are continually monitoring for extraterrestrial contact from the cosmos, ordinary people are already hearing from them – via radio and television. (Aliens Voices Over Radio and Television) *** 
The death of a Hollywood movie producer is still unsolved – and his spirit on the lot is still at unrest. (The Mysterious Death of Thomas Ince) *** A family moves into a new home, and it’s not long before they begin hearing strange sounds coming from the home bar in their living room. (Something In That Part of the House) *** In years past, baby boys were dressed in pink. So why the change to the color blue for boys? The answer is a dark one. (Baby Blues) *** In just 30 seconds, 30 rounds were fired when the tension between a crew of thieving cowboys and vigilante lawmen came to an explosive head in the frontier town of Tombstone, Arizona. (The True Story Behind the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral)
“The True Story Behind the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” by Mark Oliver: http://ow.ly/RmAm30oaHWt
“The Mysterious Death of Thomas Ince” by Troy Taylor: http://ow.ly/WVUu30oaHvS
“Something In That Part of the House” by Haven: http://ow.ly/qMeU30oaHxn
“Baby Blues” by Conny Waters: http://ow.ly/zcGj30oaI32
“Alien Voices Over Radio and Television” posted at the Conspiracy Journal: https://tinyurl.com/y2ht47pt
“Klaatu’s Speech From ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKKE58-06dk
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Originally aired: November, 2021


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I am leaving soon and you will forgive me if I speak bluntly. (he pauses, studying the faces) The Universe grows smaller every day — and the threat of aggression by any group — anywhere — can no longer be tolerated.

There must be security for all — or no one is secure… This does not mean giving up any freedom except the freedom to act irresponsibly. Your ancestors knew this when they made laws to govern themselves — and hired policemen to enforce them. We of the other planets have long accepted this principle. We have an organization for the mutual protection of all planets — and for the complete elimination of aggression. A sort of United Nations on the Planetary level… The test of any such higher authority, of course, is the police force that supports it. For our policemen, we created a race of robots– (indicating Gort) Their function is to patrol the planets — in space ships like this one — and preserve the peace. In matters of aggression we have given them absolute power over us. At the first sign of violence they act automatically against the aggressor. And the penalty for provoking their action is too terrible to risk. The result is that we live in peace, without arms or armies, secure in the knowledge that we are free from aggression and war — free to pursue more profitable enterprises. (after a pause) We do not pretend to have achieved perfection — but we do have a system — and it works. I came here to give you the facts. It is no concern of ours how you run your own planet — but if you threaten to extend your violence, this Earth of yours will be reduced to a burned- out cinder. Your choice is simple. Join us and live in peace. Or pursue your present course — and face obliteration. We will be waiting for your answer. decision rests with you. (Klaatu’s speech from “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, 1951)

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The death of a Hollywood movie producer is still unsolved – and his spirit on the lot is still at unrest. (The Mysterious Death of Thomas Ince)

A family moves into a new home, and it’s not long before they begin hearing strange sounds coming from the home bar in their living room. (Something In That Part of the House)

In years past, baby boys were dressed in pink. So why the change to the color blue for boys? The answer is a dark one. (Baby Blues)

In just 30 seconds, 30 rounds were fired when the tension between a crew of thieving cowboys and vigilante lawmen came to an explosive head in the frontier town of Tombstone, Arizona. (The True Story Behind the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral)

While scientists at SETI are continually monitoring for extraterrestrial contact from the cosmos, ordinary people are already hearing from them – via radio and television. (Aliens Voices Over Radio and Television)

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As SETI and other radio astronomers listen for alien broadcasts in the far reaches of outer space, there are plenty of fascinating cases of alleged alien communications being heard right here on planet Earth through ordinary radios and televisions.

One of the most famous cases occurred in England on 26th November, 1977, on Southern ITV1977 television -(which covered London, the South, and South East). The time was 5:12 PM and the message (audio only) interrupted the evening news. Lasting 5½ minutes, it was superimposed over the voice of the news reader, Ivor Mills.

No less than five transmitters were hijacked simultaneously, spread over great distances, and the Independent Broadcasting Authority was not even aware that the message was over-riding their signal; as the transmitters would have been switched off immediately. Possibly, this was because the source of the overriding signal was not terrestrial in nature.

The message was not totally clear, due to the deep sonorous sound of the voice, as though coming through water, but with sophisticated studio equipment a reasonably positive and accurate copy was made. The biggest point of contention was the name of the voice. Various reports gave it as: Vrillon,  Gillon, and Glon, but checking it at various speeds it came out more like Bramaha or Gramaha the spelling being phonetic.

The news reader appeared completely oblivious to the situation and continued as usual, while the voice spoke slowly and calmly, as if echoing through water. The transcript is below.

“This is the voice of Gramaha, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth.

“We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disasters which threaten your world, and the beings on our worlds around you. This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius. The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments.

“Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. For many years your scientists, government and generals have not heeded our warnings; they have continued to experiment with the evil forces of what you call nuclear energy. Atomic bombs can destroy the Earth, and the beings of your sister worlds, in a moment. The wastes from atomic power systems will poison your planet for many thousands of your years to come.

“We, who have followed the path of evolution for far longer than you, have long since realized this-that atomic energy is always directed against life. It has no peaceful application. Its use, and research into its use, must be ceased at once, or you all risk destruction. All weapons of evil must be removed.

“The time of conflict is now past. The race of which you are a part may proceed to the highest planes of evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this. You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill.

“Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exist to pass on the light of the dawning New Age to you all. You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution.

“Hear now the voice of Gramaha, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides operating in your world. They will suck your energy from you – the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends giving you worthless dross in return.

“Your inner divine self will protect you from this. You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves on to the path of evolution.

“This is our message to our dear friends. We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies. You know now that we are here, and that there are more beings on and around your Earth than your scientists admit.

“We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light and will do all we can to help you. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves, and live in harmony with the ways of your planet Earth. We of the Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the plane of your existence. May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos.”

The message received a mixed reaction: some listeners were terrified, some intrigued, while others remained skeptical. Of course, the media denounced the broadcast as a hoax, even though the Independent Broadcasting Authority failed to explain how its stringent security system was bypassed.

At no time did anyone come forward to claim responsibility for the ‘hoax’. This incredible explanation was soon seen to be a cover-up, as investigation by independent sources came to the conclusion that the ‘message’ would have to have been cut in to at least five transmitters, simultaneously. Furthermore, the students would have had to beat the I.B.A’s monitoring system. Engineers at the centers around Britain watch for faults in transmission, and can if necessary switch off sections of the network.

Neither the main T.V. transmitter at Southampton, or the Engineers at Croydon, Surrey who were monitoring Hannington, logged the galactic message, and they were clearly unaware that the Space broadcast was over-riding their signal. By law all radio/T.V. has to have a monitoring system, for an ‘instant switch-off’, technically known as insertion test signals. It did not even register the ‘interruption’ suggesting that it was achieved in some way that bypassed our electrical system.

According to other stories, it would seem that broadcasts of a similar nature occurred worldwide, even in different areas of the UK. “We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth.”

The Ashtar Galactic Command, as mentioned in the broadcast, features quite prominently in ‘channeled’ and contactee material going back to the early 1940s. In channelings subsequent to the broadcast, the entities have claimed responsibility. In 1994 at least three independent channelers published information that the Ashtar Command were planning another similar series of broadcasts. However, it appears that proposed dates have so far not been met.

Another interesting case involved an 18 year old Ham Radio Operator named Robert P. Renaud. In July, 1961, Renaud was trying to pick up BBC Radio on his short wave set when he picked up a strange beep high in the 25 meter band that overshadowed BBC. When he tuned in on the beep, it stopped and a clear soft feminine voice came over the radio saying: “Bob, we’d like you to stay on this frequency for a while.”

The voice claimed to be an extraterrestrial in a spacecraft  from a planet called Korendor. The Korendians instructed Renaud how to modify his home built short wave radio set to receive their broadcasts better.

After a few radio contacts the Korendians helped Renaud modify his home built TV set to pick up their images on the vidicon tube while he spoke to them on radio. Those contacts continued and developed into face-to-face meetings and even into going on trips with them, in their craft, for months and years. He kept careful notes on his contacts.

Investigator Allen Griese visited Renaud in his home and was perplexed by Renaud’s attitude: “He showed no signs whatever of wanting to promote himself,” Griese said. “There was no show biz, no snake oil. He didn’t even seem much interested in talking. He ‘d answer questions, but he wouldn’t offer anything. He was hesitant to entertain visitors and he sold nothing, made no money. He said the whole business was imposed on him; he hadn’t gone after it.”

“Renaud has a large collection of tapes allegedly on his space communications: Grise listened to some of them and heard what was supposed to be the voice of the primary contact-woman Lin-Erri. He recalls, “These were good-quality, reel-to-reel recordings. The women’s voice had a kind of hesitancy in speech patterns suggesting a foreign person doing well in English. It had s a singsong, melodious quality.”

There have additionally been isolated instances of alleged contacts having been made through TV and Radio. One occurred in England on the January 8, 1971 when UFO researcher Rex Dutta was on a radio talk show and invited people to telephone in with questions. What was considered by him to have been a ‘voice from outer space’ came on…a clear voice that showed no echo or feedback on the engineers’ instruments.  Even more strange, while Dutta’s voice registered on the stations VU meter, the mysterious caller’s voice did not.

It should be considered that the incidents mentioned in this article could be nothing more than simple hoaxes. However, if our planet is being visited by extraterrestrial races, what better way to initiate contact with a select few than by using our own electronic equipment. It would be interesting to see if there have been any recent reports of alleged extraterrestrial communications using home computers, the Internet and text messaging.


On November 19, 1924, Hollywood movie producer Thomas Ince died after celebrating his 42nd birthday aboard a yacht belonging to infamous newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, but to this day, the exact circumstances of his death remain a mystery. Could this be why his ghost still wanders the movie studio that he founded?

Thomas Ince was a pioneering member of the Hollywood elite. In 1918, he founded Culver Studios and was considered to be the “Father of the Western.” He was also the man who introduced the world to Mary Pickford, crowning her “America’s Sweetheart.” Ince rose from being a $15 a week actor to become the head of a studio and to this day, still has a street named after him in Culver City: Ince Boulevard.

Almost a century later, Culver Studios remains one of Hollywood’s most historic studios. It was the site of filming for “Gone With the Wind,” “Citizen Kane” and other classics. Over the years, the film lot has been home to such names as RKO, Howard Hughes, and DesiLu Studios. In addition to film classics, Culver Studios was also the birthplace to favorite television shows like “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Lassie,” “Hogan’s Heroes,” and “Batman.” Previous owners of the studios have included Cecil B. DeMille and eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes.

But Thomas Ince had humble beginnings in the movie capital. In 1915, Ince partnered with D.W. Griffith and Mack Sennett to create the Triangle Motion Picture Company in Culver City. Somewhere along the way, the deal went sour and Ince sold out and entered into a lease with Harry Culver for a new 14-acre studio fronting on Washington Boulevard. It took two years to build the Thomas H. Ince Studio, and in December 1918, a Los Angeles newspaper called it “a motion picture plant that looks like a beautiful southern estate.” Ince, a visionary in the industry, promoted the glamour of moviemaking and he entertained the King and Queen of Belgium and President Woodrow Wilson at the studios. The administration building became a well-known landmark and Ince was rapidly expanding his successful facility.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to last – and neither was Ince’s revered status. Sadly, Ince is remembered much more today for his scandalous death than for his contribution to the art of movie making. Ince died in November 1924 while celebrating his birthday on board a yacht owned by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. The real story of how Ince died will never be known — but Hollywood rumors tell a strange and twisted tale.

Ince’s mysterious death will forever be linked to Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst, the greatest newspaper baron and one of the most powerful men in American history. By the 1920s, Hearst had also become a major film financier, as well. He had first become interested in film through newsreels in 1911, but soon his hobby turned to a quest for profit. It was not long before his zeal for the movies was enhanced due to his passion for furthering the film career of sweet, but untalented, film actress Marion Davies, with whom Hearst had been carrying on a notorious affair. Hearst bought stock in MGM and created Cosmopolitan Productions, a company that specifically produced Marion’s films. His newspapers and magazines proclaimed her to be a “miracle of the movies” and he did everything he could to entrench her into the Hollywood film colony.

Parties thrown at Marion’s beach house were the most extravagant in town and people grabbed at the chance of an invitation to a Hearst affair. In addition, being able to relax at Hearst’s vast mansion in San Simeon, with millions of dollars worth of imported furnishings, tapestries, paintings, and 35 automobiles in the garage, was a must for anyone lucky enough to get an invitation for the weekend. Marion also earned high marks as a hostess, even if privately the party attendees made fun at her attempts at acting on the screen.

Another popular party spot was Hearst’s 280-foot yacht, the Oneida. Invitations to the boat were even more highly coveted than those for the beach house parties. On the night of Saturday, November 15, 1924, the yacht left San Pedro Harbor for a weekend cruise to San Diego. The cream of Hollywood’s charmed circle received invitations to a party on board the Oneida that weekend. There were a number of guests on board, but the only names that became available after the party were Hearst, Marion Davies, actress Seena Owen and author Elinor Glynn. That weekend marked the 43rd birthday of Thomas Ince, who was in the midst of negotiations with Hearst concerning the use of his Culver City studios as a base for Cosmopolitan Productions. It had been planned to throw Ince a birthday party on board the yacht. Mrs. Ince, who had also been invited, decided not to go along on the trip because she was not feeling well.

Ince, the guest of honor, missed the boat when it sailed from San Pedro because of his attendance at the premiere of “The Mirage,” his latest film. It is believed that he took the last train to San Diego, where he met the Oneida, and joined the party for the return trip. The celebration on board was said to be a wonderful occasion, but then things got murky.

In the early morning hours of the following Wednesday, Thomas Ince died at his Benedict Canyon home. His death was attributed to “heart failure.”

When the news reached the press, all sorts of ugly rumors began to circulate, as well as a hash of conflicting stories. Things became so heated that Chester Kemply, the District Attorney in San Diego, where the yacht had been anchored for the weekend, was forced to open an investigation. The principals were all strangely absent at the hearings that followed. Hearst could not be reached for a statement. Marion, Elinor Glynn, and Seena Owen – the only names known for certain to have been on board – were not called by the D.A. to give testimony. The only person present at the hearing in San Diego was a doctor named Goodman, an employee of Hearst. His official version of events, which was printed in Hearst newspapers, stated that, after eating and drinking too much at the party, Ince died of “acute indigestion.” He was taken from the yacht and rushed home, where he later died.

After the hearing, the case was closed. Originally, D.A. Kemply had insisted that he planned to call every single person who had been on board the yacht to give their version of events, but not only did he not call any of them, he suddenly, after just the one session, called off all further inquiry altogether. He was satisfied that Ince’s death had been explained – but others were not, including a number of newspaper columnists and writers of the day, who demanded that the authorities look into Ince’s suspicious death.

One of the strangest facts about the cruise was that no accurate list of the guests on board the ship that weekend has ever been revealed. There were obviously many more people on board than has ever been reported. Several well-known personalities of the film world have been mentioned as Heart’s guests that weekend, but none of them ever publicly admitted to being on board the yacht. Of course, there were many rumors about who was there, just what actually occurred – and what really happened to cause the death of Thomas Ince.

Perhaps the most exciting rumor to make the rounds in Hollywood involved the presence of Ince’s friend, Charlie Chaplin, on board the Oneida for the party. Rumor had it, however, that Chaplin had not been invited just because he was Ince’s pal. Hearst was insanely jealous of other men’s attention to Marion Davies and his detectives had recently informed him that Marion and Chaplin had been seen together during a period of time when he was out of town. Hearst allegedly invited the comedic actor on board the yacht for the weekend cruise so that he could observe for himself how Chaplin and Marion behaved around one another.

It is believed that Hearst saw Marion and Chaplin slip off together during the party and that he discovered them together on the lower deck. A loud altercation followed and Hearst ran for his cabin to retrieve a diamond-studded revolver that he kept on board. (Heart was rumored to be an expert shot and often amused his guests on the boat by shooting down seagulls with a single bullet.) In the confusion that followed, it was rumored a shot was fired but it was Thomas Ince, and not Chaplin, who ended up with a bullet in the head!

Ince’s funeral was held on November 21, attended by his family, Marion Davies, Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and Harold Lloyd. Hearst was noticeably absent. The body was immediately cremated and an official inquest was never held.

Despite the fact that the evidence was now in ashes, Hearst knew he could be in trouble with the Hollywood rumor mill. Everyone on board the Oneida was sworn to secrecy (and it wouldn’t be wise to cross Hearst) but, in spite of this, persistent rumors linked Hearst to Ince’s death. No one could resist talking about the way the hearings into Ince’s death had been called off, the lack of an official inquest, or the damning story that Charlie Chaplin’s secretary had seen Ince carried off the yacht bleeding from a bullet wound to the head.

Some thought it no coincidence that famed gossip columnist Louella Parsons was awarded a lifetime contract with Hearst soon after the incident since it was rumored that she had seen everything that had happened. Louella also felt the need to do a little covering up of her own and insisted that she had been in New York at the time of Ince’s death. The only problem with this story was that Vera Burnett, Marion’s stand-in, clearly recalled seeing Louella with Marion and Davies at the studio, ready for departure on the yacht. Vera valued her job, though, and decided not to make a big deal out of it.

Marion and Hearst managed to ride out the scandal unscathed, but as DW Griffith remarked in later years, “All you have to do to make Hearst turn white as a ghost is mention Ince’s name. There’s plenty wrong there, but Hearst is too big to touch.” It was widely known in Hollywood that, if you ever wanted to attend another party at Marion’s beach house or the San Simeon castle, you didn’t mention Ince’s name anyplace where Hearst might hear you.

In the years that followed, Hearst discreetly provided Ince’s widow, Nell, with a trust fund that was later wiped out by the Depression. Broke and penniless, Nell finished out her days as a taxi driver. As for Hearst, the entire affair was eventually reduced to a sardonic joke in Hollywood as the Oneida became known as “William Randolph’s Hearse.”

Strangely, though, death did not bring an end to sightings of Thomas Ince and his mysterious death also started rumors about Culver Studios being haunted. Ince built the studios, but they changed hands several times after his death. Cecil B. De Mille, Howard Hughes, David Selznick, Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball made significant contributions to film and television history on this lot.

The rumors of the haunting have persisted for years. Employees have reported ghostly figures roaming the lot at night while others recount being frightened by the apparition of a woman who appears on the third floor from time to time. She always disappears quickly, leaving a cold spot of chilling wind behind.

Most famous, however, are the sightings of Thomas Ince himself. Witnesses have reported seeing the ghost of a man climbing the stairs in the main administration building, heading for the executive screening room. This had been Ince’s private projection room during his tenure at the studio. Remodeling seemed to bring out the worst in Ince’s ghost in 1988 when he began to reveal his displeasure over some major renovations.

The first to encounter him were two workmen who looked up to see a man in an odd, bowler-type hat watching them from the catwalks above Stage 1-2-3. When they spoke to him, he frowned and then turned and walked into the second floor wall. Later that summer, special-effects man Eugene Hilchey spoke to another worker who had also seen a man wearing an odd hat, this time on Stage 2-3-4. Hilchey was convinced the man’s description matched that of Ince. The workers’ statement was enough to cement his belief. The ghost had reportedly turned to the workmen and said, “I don’t like what you’re doing to my studio.” Then he vanished into the wall.

Even after the renovations, much of Ince’s original studio remains as it was and the sense of history here is very strong. Today, Culver Studios remains one of the busiest lots in town. Hopefully, Thomas Ince’s spirit can find a little peace in that.


Up next… A family moves into a new home, and it’s not long before they begin hearing strange sounds coming from the home bar in their living room. (Something In That Part of the House)

In years past, baby boys were dressed in pink. So why the change to the color blue for boys? The answer is a dark one. (Baby Blues) These stories and more when Weird Darkness returns.



My parents moved into their house in Mexico about 20 years ago. My mother made the move by herself, my father stayed behind in Seattle tying some loose ends. I agreed to help my mom move and stay with her until my dad joined her which was to happen in a span of about 2 to 3 months.

My mom and I got to the house a day before the moving company was scheduled to arrive with all the furniture. That gave my mom enough time to hire some much needed help. That was the day we met Letty, who became my mom’s housekeeper for the following 8 years. She was god sent, she was hard working, loyal and knew just about everyone in the neighborhood. Letty helped us hire some men that helped us move all the heavy furniture while we unpacked all the boxes. It took the 3 of us about a week of hard work to get everything put away but finally we were sitting in the living room, exhausted but basking in the glory of our accomplishment when we started hearing noises coming from a home bar we had in the living area.

This was a wooden bar (like you see in taverns), it has 3 stools, wine bottle racks, shelves for wine glasses/stemware and has drawers in the back for cocktail utensils as well as a storage cabinet were we kept things like a blender, ice bucket, martini shakers etc. Like I mentioned, everything was put away and in order. The first thing we thought was that maybe a rat had got in, we hadn’t seen any evidence of rodents but at the time it was the only thing that made sense. Letty got up and was heading towards the bar when suddenly we heard growling coming from the storage cabinet. The wine glasses started shaking and clinking, the cabinet doors started slamming. It literally sounded like two wild animals were fighting in there. I was so terrified I couldn’t even get up and run, I stayed there with my heart pounding listening to my mother pray and scream. Then, just as suddenly as it started it stopped. We were too scared to check. Letty being the brave one, grabbed a broom and opened both cabinet and drawer doors, nothing came out, no animals, nothing. Everything was untouched.

We got out of the house and headed for the nearest church. Letty knew the priest and was able to get him to go back with us to bless the house. My mom and I slept in the same room for a few nights after that, too scared to be by ourselves.

A few weeks later my mom and Letty were digging in the front yard working on a flower bed when they came upon some jars. When they pulled them out there was little rag dolls that had pins stuck to them and other things that they could not make out. They didn’t open the jars, Letty said she knew someone that would know how to dispose of them so she took them with her. The place where they were digging is directly on the other side of the wall where the bar is. I don’t know if this finding had anything to do with the incident a few weeks before but it’s a big coincidence that the noises were coming so close to where these weird objects were found.

Everything was quiet for a while, nothing out of the ordinary. Then, we hosted a party one day, I think it was a housewarming. There were only a few guests left, mostly family, it was around 3:00am. Some people were sitting on the bar stools, others were standing around the bar talking and drinking when suddenly a mirror/frame with the word “BAR” that was hanging on the wall shattered. It didn’t just crack, it shattered. Well, that was an immediate party “pooper” because everyone cleared out of there real fast.

One other time, my mother was walking around at night before bed securing doors and windows, she had just made it back to her bedroom when she swears she heard glass breaking. She thought that all the wine and liquor bottles had fallen and shattered but when she went to check everything was in order. No broken glass. Upon inspecting, she noticed one of the windows next to the bar was open, this didn’t scare her too much because there’s bars on that window so there is no way someone can get in even with the window open but she swears she had checked that window a few minutes before and it was closed. She thought that maybe someone had thrown a rock and shattered the glass but there was no broken glass anywhere. She checked and the window wasn’t broken, it was open, meaning someone had to slide it to open it. She says that it is possible she missed seeing the window open but what was the loud noise she heard like dishes breaking? When she shared this with the family we told her that maybe the noise was coming from the outside and with the window open it sounded close. She is very adamant that the noise came from the inside.

Another incident involving this home bar – I was randomly taking pictures of the house when I noticed something very strange was showing in a picture of the bar. One of the stools has a scary image, it looks like a devil with horns. I showed this to my family and they were all freaked out, my mom insisted that I delete the image from my camera. I never did, problem is I can’t find the camera. I only take pictures with my phone now but I’m searching and will upload if I find it. The image is very clear, it’s not distorted, you can see it without anyone telling you what to look for. What I do have is a lot of pictures of family and friends sitting at the bar and on a few of them you can see orbs. I don’t want to share those because of privacy and because orbs can mean just about anything. I’ve tried taking pictures of the bar with my phone and I don’t get anything anymore.

The house has been quiet lately, I’ve done a lot cleansings and blessings. It will stay that way for a while and then suddenly for some unknown reason it wakes up again.

By the way, I will submit a story about Letty at a later time. She turned out to be a “bruja” or witch. She showed me a lot of things that I cannot explain and would like to know what you all think.


The colors pink and blue have been used as gender signifiers for quite some time now. We are so used today that baby boys are dressed in blue that we rarely think about why this color was chosen for newborn males. We also tend to forget that not so long ago, boys were dressed in pink.

Some modern parents who dislike stereotypes, disregards this unwritten rule and dress their kids in any color they want, but many try to follow old customs.

As the matter of fact, just before the 1920s, pink was considered the best color for boys.

According to a June 1918 article from the trade publication Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department, “the generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.”

This changed later, and people started dressing their baby boys in blue, something our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

In ancient Egypt and Greece, blue color was used to protect a person or a place from evil spirits. Pharaohs were often dressed in blue. Egyptians and many other ancient civilizations considered blue color to be of divine origin.

It’s therefore not surprising that the blue color was specifically chosen by our ancestors who wanted to protect their newborn from evil spirits that might be lurking about.

This ancient tradition is still alive and there are many places in the Mideast where people still paint their doorways to ward off evil spirits.

I his book, “Ever Wonder Why”, Douglas B. Smith wrote: “Centuries ago, it was commonly believed that satanic spirits hovered about nurseries waiting for a chance to enter the bodies of young children. It was also believed that these evil spirits could be repelled by the color blue, the color of the heavens.”

To many of us it may seem odd that newborn girls were not dressed in blue too, but back then, baby boys were more precious than baby girls. Parents considered girls to be inferior and it was assumed that evil spirits would not bother with them. Ancient people could dress baby girls in any color, but small boys must be dressed in blue so they could be protected from these harmful evil powers.

Today, there are still many people who fear the Evil Eye, a harmful power that comes from emotions such as envy or greed.

In many countries one can easily buy various amulets that shield its bearer from the curse of the Evil Eye. One of the most famous symbols protecting against the Evil Eye is called Hamsa, a universal symbol is that especially popular among Jews and Muslims.

Nazar amulets that also offer protection against the Evil Eye are especially popular in Turkey, but they can be found in other countries as well.

“In Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Armenia, Iran, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Azerbaijan, Nazar is often hung in homes, offices, cars, children’s clothing, or incorporated in jewelry and ornaments.“

The blue color in these protective amulets is still of special importance because it is widely regarded to ward off evil powers.


When Weird Darkness returns… In just 30 seconds, 30 rounds were fired when the tension between a crew of thieving cowboys and vigilante lawmen came to an explosive head in the frontier town of Tombstone, Arizona. (The True Story Behind the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral) That story is up next!



The O.K. Corral shootout has become an iconic footnote in the history of the Wild West. Lawman Wyatt Earp, his brothers James and Virgil, and his faithful friend Doc Holliday faced off against a team of lawless cowboys who ran ragged through the frontier town of Tombstone, Arizona. It is a classic tale of cops and robbers in the Wild West. But movies and certain history texts have romanticized the 30-second shootout and perpetuated false facts. For one thing, some continue to debate whether the Earp brothers were truly noble lawmen who sought to tame the Wild West or merely brutal vigilantes who committed a small-town a massacre. But the thin line between hero and criminal was exactly the atmosphere in which the Wild West was centered.

The small, historic town of Tombstone was founded by Ed Schieffelin in 1877, who was determined to prospect on Apache land despite warnings that “All you’ll find out there is your tombstone.”

Instead, Schieffelin found a silver mine that eventually produced over $37 million in profits.

Wealthy merchants in the hopes of cashing in on the mine soon set up shop in Tombstone. The town was soon aglow with fine dining restaurants, opera houses, and a bowling alley. The O.K. Corral was one of eight liveries in the small town. Indeed, the streets of Tombstone were flooded with cash but they were also absent a lawman to maintain order.

The bustling frontier town attracted a dangerous crowd and became an easy target for rustlers and bandits. Tombstone was soon overrun with gambling houses, brothels, and violence.

In December 1879, the brothers James, Virgil, and Wyatt Earp along with a gun-slinging ex-dentist named Doc Holliday rolled into town to administer their own brand of justice.

Wyatt Earp was an ex-lawman of his hometown in Missouri. When his wife died, Earp wandered the west and got himself into some legal trouble. He eventually settled in Dodge City, Kansas, where he became the city marshal. In 1879, he set off with a new friend he’d made in Kansas, Doc Holliday, to Tombstone with his brothers.

In the Old American southwest, “cowboy” referred to an outlaw or a member of a gang of hard-drinking cattle smugglers and horse thieves. In Tombstone, that crew was known as the Cochise County Cowboys.

The Cochise County Cowboys went from being a nuisance to the Earp brothers’ mortal enemies when one of their members accidentally killed the City Marshall, Fred White, on Oct. 28, 1880. Fred White and Wyatt Earp had been summoned to calm down a few drunk cowboys unloading their pistols into the night sky. White asked the men to surrender their weapons, and they complied, but a gun belonging to “Curly Bill” Brocius accidentally went off and shot White in the gut.

It was an accident, even Fred White would insist as much while lying on his deathbed, as did Wyatt Earp who defended Brocius on trial. But the death of Fred White saw Virgil Earp named the new city marshal in his stead and with that, a new era came to Tombstone.

Under Virgil, it was illegal to carry any weapon within the town’s limits – a law that gave the Earps brothers just cause to arrest about any cowboy they saw.

Meanwhile, the county sheriff, John Behan, did little to bring thieving cowboys to justice. This angered the Earps, especially Wyatt, whose hopes to become county sheriff were dashed when Behan took the position.

Wyatt Earp reasoned that he could gain some good publicity and a better shot at winning county sheriff if he could prove himself. He struck a deal with with a rancher named Ike Clanton, who was close with the Cowboys, to bring the thieves to justice. In return for his cooperation, Earp promised Clanton a $6,000 reward.

The deal did not last long and when it dissolved, Earp was again left in the lurch.

On Oct. 25, 1881 – the day before the gunfight at the O.K. Corral – Doc Holliday confronted Clanton in a saloon. The men fought viciously and later that day, Clanton tracked down Wyatt Earp and threatened him.

Around noon the next day, Virgil and Morgan Earp found Ike Clanton, who was drunk and yelling that he was looking to fight, and put him under arrest for carrying a weapon. Clanton, by most accounts, went willingly — after Virgil disarmed him with a pistol whipping.

On his way out of the courthouse, Wyatt bumped into another Cowboy, Frank McLaury, and, finding he was carrying a gun, pistol-whipped him twice in the head and left him bloody on the ground.

Around 3:00 PM, the Earp Brothers along with Doc Holliday spotted five Cowboys loading up guns: Ike Clanton and Frank McLaury were part of the group, along with Billy Claiborne, Tom McLaury, and Clanton’s 19-year-old brother, Billy.

The Cowboys then went off to plot revenge behind the O.K. Corral. Next, in a narrow, empty lot beside Fly’s Photography Gallery above the Corral, the Earps with Holliday came upon the Cowboys.

Virgil Earp yelled towards the Cowboys, “Throw up your hands; I have come to disarm you!”

What transpired next remains a mystery.

Both sides claim the opposing group fired first. No matter, Frank McLaury’s belly was shot and the man collapsed. Virgil then shot young Billy, who, even as he lay on the ground bleeding to death, kept shooting. Doc Holliday’s shotgun made short work of Tom McLaury and blasted through his chest.

Ike Clanton and Tom McLaury were the only Cowboys who came out of the fight alive – and that was because they ran for their lives. 30 rounds were fired in a matter of 30 seconds behind the O.K. Corral. The Earps came out with a few scratches, but three Cowboys were dead.

Many took sides with the deceased Cowboys. When their funeral procession went through the town, more than 300 people came out to watch. Mourners packed close to four city blocks. The funeral was, as one of the local papers noted, “the largest ever witnessed in Tombstone.”

After weeks of testimony and witness accounts, Judge Wells Spicer ruled that the gunfight at the O.K. Corral had not been a few lawman keeping order, but rather “an act of violence by men with a vendetta.”

The Earps and Holliday were spared only because of the nature of the Wild West:

“When we consider the conditions of affairs incident to a frontier country; the lawlessness and disregard for human life,” the Judge went on during his ruling on the shootout at the O.K. Corral, “I can attach no criminality to his unwise act…I order them to be released.”

Whether Judge Spicer was right or wrong remains in debate today, but the gunfight at the O.K. Corral was not to be forgotten. It was just the start of what would be one of the most brutal chapters in the history of the American frontier.

Shortly after the verdict of the trial of the O.K. Corral gunfight, a Cowboy fired a shotgun through the glass door of a saloon and into Virgil Earp’s back. Virgil survived, but his brother Morgan was later not so lucky. In the midst of a game of pool, the Earp brother was fatally shot in the back in a second assassination plot thought to be orchestrated by none other than Ike Clanton.

Wyatt Earp responded with a rampage of his own which ended in a warrant for his and Holliday’s arrest. The two fled Tombstone and Earp would spend the remainder of his days wandering the west, eventually settling in California, where he died at the age of 80 in 1929.

The gunfight at the O.K. Corral remains an infamous moment in American history. The event perfectly represented the grey area of justice that was apart of the Wild West as the shootout was both divisive and controversial with no real winner on either side.

The true heroes of the O.K. Corral shootout remain ambiguous, as was the nature of the lawless west, but thanks in part to films such as Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and Tombstone, the Earps and Doc Holliday remain the protagonists of the tale.


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