“AUSSON ONE, THE NON-HUMAN HUMANOID” and Other Strange, True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

“AUSSON ONE, THE NON-HUMAN HUMANOID” and Other Strange, True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: In October 1974, Carl Higdon ventured into Wyoming’s wilderness for a routine elk hunt, only to encounter something beyond belief: a humanoid figure and an otherworldly craft. His shocking encounter, complete with mysterious pills, a transparent cube, and a journey to an alien planet, defies explanation and continues to baffle experts to this day. (Ausso One, The Non-Human Humanoid) *** In a remote Mexican village, a young boy stumbles upon a gruesome ritual led by a self-proclaimed goddess, Magdalena Solis. As the cult’s depravity spirals out of control, the authorities descend upon the village, uncovering a tale of human sacrifice, orgies, and drug-fueled madness. (High Priestess of Blood) *** In the early morning hours of August 26, 1986, the lifeless body of 18-year-old Jennifer Levin was discovered in Central Park, sparking a media frenzy that would dub her murderer, the “Preppy Killer.” (Robert Chambers: The Preppy Killer) *** Small mistakes can have big consequences, especially when they happen at critical moments in history. From an unlocked gate that led to the fall of Constantinople to a forgotten login that halted background checks for gun permits, we’ll look at a few “brain farts” that changed the course of history in ways no one could have predicted (Small Mistakes, Big Consequences)

00:00:00.000 = Title Story Preview
00:01:17.247 = Show Open
00:03:39.913 = Ausso One: The Non-Human Humanoid
00:22:17.477 = Robert Chambers: The Preppy Killer
00:35:26.248 = The Elusive Holy Grail
00:42:57.981 = The High Priestess of Blood
00:54:55.432 = Small Mistakes, Big Consequences
01:01:24.654 = Show Close

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Originally aired: June 03, 2024

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