Welcome, Creepy Author!

Hi, I’m Darren Marlar – the creator and host of the award-winning podcast, Weird Darkness.  But you already know that.  In fact, it’s likely you are on this page because I have personally sent you the link!  If that’s the case, I already know who you are and I’m impressed enough with your writing that I want to let others know about you and hopefully give your writing career a little boost.

Thanks to the podcast, I’ve worked with many incredibly talented authors such as yourself; narrating their creepypastas, short stories, and other writings for my Weirdo Family of listeners.  Most authors have a desire to see their work published, but they may not have the knowledge, resources, time, or finances to make it happen.  And let’s not even get into the almost impossible task of getting a legitimate publisher’s attention!  Anyone who asks you to pay to get published through them is NOT a legitimate publisher!

Weird Darkness Publishing is here to give you a way to share your writing in print; be it through a short story, a non-fiction book, or a full-blown novel, at no cost to you.  We take care of the book’s cover art, the editing, the formatting, and getting the book available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook!  We take care of everything — except for your words, of course!  And once your book or story starts selling, you get paid!

If you are the author of the entire book or novel, you collect 30% of the profits we receive. (Most publishers give you only 10-20%.)  And since we all want this to be a success, here’s what else we give you – again, free of charge:

  • You get complete creative approval of the content of your book, including title, subtitle, and cover design – so long as they meet Weird Darkness standards: we do not accept transcripts that have overtly foul language (f*ck, c*nt) or graphic sexual content.  This is to ensure that if the book makes its way to school libraries, it won’t be rejected.
  • Book is made available in paperback (Amazon), eBook (Kindle), and audiobook (Audible) versions.
  • Inclusion of one full chapter or short story from the book in the Weird Darkness podcast the same week the book is released – usually the same day it is released.
  • Inclusion of book trailer in the Weird Darkness podcast to run in every episode for a full month once the book has been released, resulting in over half-a-million impressions or more.
  • Tile ad or video/audio book trailer to be placed on the Weird Darkness website for a full month once the book is released.
  • Tile ad or video/audio book trailer pinned to the top of the Weird Darkness Facebook PAGE for one month.
  • Tile ad or video/audio book trailer pinned to the top of the Weird Darkness Facebook GROUP for one month.

Interested?  Reply to the original email that I sent to you and we can discuss it further!

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