“BEDLAM – THE REAL HORROR BEHIND THE NAME” and 7 More Scary True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Weekend Dark Archive episode, previously released July 23, 2018) *** How can you tell if you are seeing a ghost or something real if it looks as solid as anything else? (I Saw a Spirit) *** If you move into a house that looks like a scene from a horror movie, you probably shouldn’t be surprised when you have an encounter with the paranormal. (Ghost Girl In The Old Room) *** The body of Gareth Williams was found stuffed inside a duffel, with the bag’s zipper padlocked from the outside. Was it because he was discovered to be a spy? (The Spy In The Bag) *** A father and son tending to their horses are puzzled by how strange the horses were behaving – until they looked up. (Huge Bright UFO Hovered Over Horses) *** While bow hunting, a young man sees what he describes as a Bigfoot… which isn’t something you often hear from a place like Kansas. (Bottomland Bigfoot in Eastern Kansas) *** On the way to the beach for some fun, two friends experience fear instead when confronted by a large winged creature. (Huge Winged Being) *** The Bethlem Royal Hospital insane asylum is so notorious that a word originally coined there entered the English language as a word for confusion and disorder… Bedlam (Bedlam – The Real Horror Story Behind the Name) *** Dorothy received phone calls regularly from a stalker, and it frightened her she considered buying a gun, and she began taking self-defense classes. But that didn’t stop her from disappearing without a trace. (The Disappearance of Dorothy Jane Scott)
“Bedlam: The Real Horror Story Behind the Name” by Abby Norman for All That’s Interesting: http://bit.ly/36RNpXn
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“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” — John 12:46 *** How to escape eternal darkness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IYmodFKDaM

On May 28, 1980, a young woman from Anaheim, California, named Dorothy Jane Scott vanished without a trace. This would not be so unusual – since thousands of people disappear every year – but Dorothy was a 32-year-old single mother who left a four-year-old son behind, was a quiet, ordinary women that her friends said was as “dull as a phone book,” was religious, didn’t date, and spent most of her time at home. But then there were the phone calls.
For several months before she vanished, Dorothy Jane Scott was receiving multiple phone calls every day from a stalker. The calls came in at Swingers Psych and Head Shop, where she worked as a secretary, and the man’s voice on the other end of the line sounds vaguely familiar to her, but she could never place it. Sometimes he was kind and happy; other times he was angry and suspicious. The caller told Dorothy that he followed her and provided details from her daily life to prove it. The kind-hearted and compassionate young woman was so unnerved that she began taking self-defense classes and considered buying a handgun.
On the evening of May 28, Dorothy dropped off her son, Shawn, at her parents’ house and went back into work for a staff meeting. Dorothy noticed that a co-worker, Conrad Bostron, was looking sick during the meeting and saw that he had a red rash on his arm that seemed to be getting worse. She insisted on taking Conrad to the emergency room. Another co-worker, Pam Head, went with them. They were at the hospital for several hours – it turned out that Conrad had an infected spider bite – and once he was released, Pam stayed with him to finish some paperwork while Dorothy went to bring her car around.
It was the last time that her friends saw her alive.
Pam and Conrad began to worry after the paperwork was completed and Dorothy still wasn’t back. They waited outside for more than 20 minutes and were relieved when they saw Dorothy’s car coming toward them. But then, the car accelerated, made a sharp turn out of the parking lot, and sped away. Pam ran toward it, waving her arms, wondering what her friend was doing – but the car was gone. Worried about an emergency with Dorothy’s son, Pam and Conrad waited for two hours for Dorothy to return. They called her parents, but they had not seen their daughter since she had dropped off Shawn hours before. Then they called the police. Several hours later, Dorothy’s car was found abandoned and in flames. There was no sign of Dorothy inside of the charred vehicle.
And then the telephone calls started.
Days later, the phone rang at Dorothy’s parents’ house. Her mother, Vera, answered the call. A man’s voice asked, “Are you related to Dorothy Scott?” Vera said that she was the man replied, “I’ve got her,” and hung up.
The police had asked the Scotts not to talk to the media about the case, but after a week with no answers, Dorothy’s father, Jacob, got impatient and contacted the local Santa Ana Register. The story ran and the next day, editor Pat Riley received his own mysterious phone call. A man was on the line: “I killed her. I killed Dorothy Scott. She was my love. I caught her cheating with another man. She denied having someone else. I killed her.”
The caller offered details about what Dorothy was wearing, and why she was at the hospital that night, to prove his story was genuine. He claimed that Dorothy had called him from the hospital, but Pam Head insisted this was not true. Dorothy had never been out of her sight until she went to get the car.
The police investigation led nowhere, however, over the next four years, Dorothy’s parents received a call from her killer every Wednesday afternoon when Vera was home alone. The caller would either ask if Dorothy was home, claim he killed her, or simply state, “I’ve got her.” The police tried to trace the calls, but in those days, they never had enough time to do it. The man never stayed on the line long enough. The calls finally stopped in April 1984 after an evening call that was answered by Jacob Scott. Once a man’s voice answered, the killer only called two more times – after the case took another heartbreaking turn.
In August 1984, a construction worker found human remains in a rugged area north of Anaheim. Vera identified a turquoise ring and a watch found with the bones as belonging to Dorothy. The watch stopped at 12:30 AM, May 29th, 1980. About a week later, the remains were positively identified as being those of Dorothy Jane Scott.
The story of the remains was reported widely in Southern California newspapers and apparently, was seen by the killer. There were two more calls to the Scott family home. Each time, the same man’s voice asked, “Is Dorothy home?”
Of course, the answer was “no.” Dorothy was never coming home and her killer – whoever he was – knew it. To this day, the murder of Dorothy Jane Scott remains unsolved.

This story begins last Fall (2017) when my family decided to buy / renovate a house that had previously been abandoned for the last 19 years. This house was a quite large, 2 story farm house that had been built in 1871 and hadn’t been lived in since the late 1990s. At first sight the house looked like something from a modern day horror movie with rooms that had collapsed ceilings and holes in the walls and floors, to whole rooms that had been sealed off with plastic wrap for who knows how long. The house from the first time I step inside it gave me an uneasy feeling and I felt that something was watching me all the time. We started cleaning out the house and take out all the old garbage and stuff that well wasn’t needed. The room I chose to make mine own was the room that had been closed off for years. From the very start I felt drawn to the room , and I have no clue why but that’s the room that I always felt the strongest presence . The room was one of the largest rooms with 3 windows facing different directions, and from the curtains and old room color appeared to have been a girls room. You know that feeling you get when you know someone’s watching you that room always gave that impression. A few weeks into working on the house we decided to take some photos of it from the outside. After looking that photos I swear that from one of the windows in my bedroom seemed to be the image of a little girl with long dark hair standing and almost staring out the window at us. I know for a fact that no one was inside the house at that time, and this photo it look so real. From that day on every time I was working in that room I would actually talk to the air half expecting something to answer me. To this day nothing has answered me but I still feel that something’s there. The photos not the only thing that’s weird about the house in the basement which is old dirt floor we found what looked like an old string ragged Anne kind of doll and a few other old toys buried down there. Then there is also another room which is across from my room that had 2 doors both of which mysteriously had extra locks on the door frame which to me made it feel like who ever had that room wanted to keep something out. I don’t know if there is any real ghost but I feel like something is there, and I’ve asked and search public records and even the old owners couldn’t tell me the history of the house, but if you think about it logically the house is from the 1800s and its not hard to believe that someone could have died there. I have continued to work on my room by repainting it and just basic work , but I still feel her there and I believe I always will. maybe one day I’ll find out the truth about this house and until then I’ll continue to live my new ghost.

I had a job working at a secured military facility out in the remote Utah desert. When I was hired the man who trained me asked if I believed in ghosts, because if not, I would before I left the job. He was kind of strange though, just like the rest of us graveyard shift workers, so I never gave it much thought…
He shadowed me for a week, showing me where I was allowed to go, where the restricted areas were, and he introduced me to the occasional worker that we ran into. We worked in a huge warehouse that was divided into seven sections. There were only four of us working the night shift.
There was an area that felt really creepy, and I mentioned it. It was in the nicest section of the warehouse, the quality control department, which was well lit and even heated. Easily the most comfortable section.
My trainer gave me a nervous look and hustled me out of there. Once we got outside, he told me an inspector died by suicide in there. Don’t talk about him though, or else he may show up. He told me if I talked about ghosts he would PT my butt and recycle me all the way down to janitor, so don’t talk about ghosts inside.
He then proceeds to tell me about 7 deaths that have occurred there, the most gruesome of which was three men killed by an explosion on the 5th floor of the building across the street. Their bodies were found two days later on top of our building. The photographer sent to document the explosion went on our building to take pics and discovered them. Two suicides, the inspector having only died 7 months before, one man killed for cheating on another mans wife (he tried to make it look like an accident, a heart attack) and the last on was a trespasser on base. He was some ufo guy who snuck on base and was shot by our guards in the tool room.
Fast forward a few weeks…
After my training I began settling into my new job, but the stories my trainer had told me stuck with me. I would always hear weird noises, but I figured as long as I minded my own business the ghosts wouldn’t bother me.
Whenever I encountered another worker, we would chat a bit to pass the time. Everyone was friendly enough…
One night in the break room a man came in in full Class A Uniform. He paused and glared straight at me. I stood up and introduced myself, figuring he was one of the Military guys checking on a project. He never shook my hand, he never said a word. As he glared at me, he simply vanished into thin air.

If you were to visit the Bethlem Royal Hospital circa the 15th Century, it would look like a scene out of American Horror Story. Bethlem was the only institution in Europe that handled society’s “rejects”–namely the mentally or criminally ill–for the vast majority of European history.
It did not, however, treat patients with a kind and affirming hand. Quite the opposite happened: patients were subjected to horrendous cruelty, experimentation, neglect and humiliation — all of which was entirely socially acceptable up until the 20th century.
The term “bedlam”, defined as “chaos and confusion”, was coined as a descriptor for the Bethlem Asylum during the height of its chaos in the 18th century. Founded in 1247, it was the first hospital of its kind in Great Britain. Never before had there been a place for the mentally infirm, disabled and criminally-minded to be adequately locked away from society.
While patients came to Bethlem suffering from complaints such as “chronic mania” or “acute melancholy”, people were just as likely to be admitted for crimes such as infanticide, homicide and even “ruffianism”.
Being admitted to Bedlam, as it was called, didn’t necessarily mean a person was well on their way to being rehabilitated, since “treatment” implied little more than isolation and experiment.
If the patient managed to survive the asylum at all, they and their families were typically worse for the wear by the end of their stay. Patients were subjected to “treatments” such as “rotating therapy” wherein they were seated in a chair suspended from the ceiling and spun as much as 100 rotations per minute.
The obvious purpose was to induce vomiting, a popular purgative cure for most ailments during this period. Incidentally, the resulting vertigo in these patients actually contributed a large body of research to contemporary vertigo patients. Their dizziness, it seems, was not all for naught.
Beyond social mores of the time, a lack of funding can explain why Bethlem became Bedlam. The asylum was a poorly-funded government institution heavily reliant upon the financial support of a patient’s family and private donors.
Of course, the vast majority of those who found themselves at Bedlam had not come from wealth or even the middle class. Patients were often poor, uneducated and had been victimized not only by whatever mental infirmities they possessed, but a society that was repelled by them.
In fact, by the 18th century, Bedlam had become less a hospital and more a circus side show, and for a pretty straightforward reason: “freaks” made money. People came from all over to see the patients, some even arranging holidays around it.
Of course, none of them were actually “freaks”, but since Bedlam was so fiscally reliant upon the money guests would pay to see them, patients were certainly driven to behave as though they were mad.
By the mid 1800s, a man named William Hood became physician in residence at Bedlam and wanted to completely turn the institution around. He hoped to create actual rehabilitation programs, which would serve the hospital’s patients rather than the administrators.
The “Bedlamites”, as they were nicknamed, had been subjected to horrific treatments, both experimental and some downright cruel, and were often desired only for the study of their corpses. Others were simply thrown into a mass grave on Liverpool Street, which was only discovered a few years ago.
During World War 2, Bethlem Royal Hospital was moved to a more rural location, which was meant to improve the quality of life for patients. The move also helped rid the institution of its horrendous legacy. Though, thanks to the Museum of the Mind archives, we are able to get a glimpse of the haunted faces of Bedlamites.
Many of them were photographed upon their admission, with a note or two about their “diagnosis.” One wonders, looking at these photos today, how many of these patients survived Bedlam — and if they did, if any of them were ever truly well again.

“I’m just gonna get right into it. I never thought I’d share this story. This happened about 25 years ago when I was 18 in 1993. I’ve lived here in Washington, in the Clark County area my whole life except for time I lived in Utah for three years. My father had been a teacher and in the summer time we would haul horses at night. And in a little town, Orchards, up in Vancouver. We had about ten acres up there and we were buddied up to another 20 acres on one side and another 20 acres on the other. So there was about 50 acres around our farm and we had about 22 horses out there at the time.
Well, we were hauling horses in the middle of the night in the summer time and we were coming home from Ephrata. And we started getting toward our area…and again, this was a tiny town, Orchards, at this time. Narrow two lane road and we saw this huge glow. At first my father thought our house was on fire and he started freaking out. My mom was freaking out. And there were two others in the car, myself and a friend of mine. And as we got closer we thought the field was on fire. My dad started screaming that the field was on fire. This was like half a mile away. This is the whole area and we thought, one of our houses is on fire. As we got closer, we pulled into our driveway and our farm goes about two hundred yards, the driveway, it was a long driveway, and in the back we had 22 horses underneath this huge light… and all I can tell you, it was like this huge heat-lamp spotlight. My mom started freaking out. My dad was honking the horn.
If you know anything about horses, horses just don’t sit there and do nothing – all 22 of our horses were standing underneath this light as still as can be. We hadn’t cut the field yet so the grass was a foot high. There was no movement in the grass. My dad started just hauling ass down the gravel driveway to get to the horses. He was honking his horn and the horses would not move. We got out, we jumped out, and next thing we know – and I mean, this thing was huge. It took up the entire field. The entire ten acres. It was enormous! It was over our house. It was over the field but the light was coming down on our horses. All of a sudden this thing just… This is the best way I can describe it, it goes up about 150 yards and it starts going at a 45 degree angle, and it stops. It stops a little ways up there. The Air Force were flying a lot of F-16s still – there were fighter jets all over our house, like low flying… low enough to shake our barn. And this thing, it was still so bright, it was lighting up the entire farm community at 3 o’clock in the morning. Next thing we know, this thing just went, you know, 45 degree, right past a plane and… gone! I turned to my dad. My dad looked at me and he goes, ‘We won’t ever talk about this again.’
Now that I’m in my 40s. I’m not afraid of my dad anymore and I don’t care what people think. It’s something that my dad said, ‘We’re not gonna talk about it,’ you know what I mean? ‘People will think you’re crazy.’ (Lewis asks about the horses) So we went and checked them and that’s the first thing we did. After this thing took off, we went out to check our herd. We pulled the horses in and their eyes were huge and dilated. You know how when an animal stares into a light and their eyes will dilate really bad? So, all of our horses were like that. And horses, when they stand still when they’re terrified, their muscles will vibrate and shake really bad and that’s all they did. They didn’t run. They just stood out there and their muscles were shaking. We had to go out there. We had to calm them down and give them grain. It took a good half hour to get them to stop shaking and then they just started moving around like normal. We thought… We didn’t know what the heck had happened out there and to this day I still can’t believe it.
I’m a teacher. I’m the most practical guy in the world and I still can’t believe what I saw to this day. Again, my dad told me, ‘We don’t talk about this. We don’t say anything about it.’ Like I said, there were fighter jets and helicopters all over our farmland down in Orchards for a good hour and a half, just doing fly-bys over and over and over all night. You never think Orchards. When I looked at the light it was almost like looking at a flash burn of a welder. You couldn’t look at it. It hurt. And so I was shielding my eyes, kinda looking down at the horses and the grass. Now if they had any kind of a thruster or an engine, I mean the grass would have been moving and when this thing went into the air, the grass was as still as could be, I mean aside from a light breeze. And this thing was huge! I’m talking at least a couple hundred yards across, spanning our entire and our neighbor’s acres. I honestly have no idea what that was or what happened that night.”

When I was in high school, my uncle and I would hunt deer and turkey in eastern Kansas. In 1999 we were bow hunting for deer in a swampy woodland area. We had been in the same location before and familiar with the layout. Both of us had portable tree stands overlooking the bottom land.
We had been in our stands for about an hour, it was early morning but I don’t remember the time. My uncle was to the right of me about 50 yards, so we could both see anything moving below. I heard splashing from his direction and notice him waving at me. The splashing was getting louder. I first thought it may be a small herd of deer moving my way. As I looked through the thickets, I noticed something tall and bulky standing beside a tree. I then saw something similar a few feet away from the other figure. I looked over at my uncle. He was crouched down and still. The two figures started to move towards me. Then one worked it’s way into a clearing and I was able to get a good look. It was definitely a Bigfoot and it was huge. It was around 8 ft tall and covered head to toe in matted muddy dark hair. It was reaching into the water and putting whatever it found in it’s mouth. I didn’t see the other Bigfoot. It must have moved off in the other direction.
I was as still as possible, though I was shaking. This Bigfoot was no more than 100 ft from me though I was 12 foot in the tree. I must have watched it for 10 minutes or so as it waded through the water eating whatever it pulled out. It eventually walked away from us towards the woods on the opposite rise. My uncle and I looked at each other, but didn’t make a sound. I was ready to get out of there but he remained in his stand holding his hand palm out to let me know to hang on. I wasn’t even thinking about hunting deer any further that day.
About 15-20 minutes had gone by. My uncle started moving off his stand. I did the same, dropping the ladder and climbing down. We walked towards each other and agreed to come back for the stands later. In fact, I didn’t go back. That afternoon, my dad and grandfather went back with my uncle to look around and retrieve the stands. Both of them believed we saw the Bigfoot. My grandfather said he believes they were eating freshwater mussels and snails.
I never went back to that area, though I still hunt. That was the only time I have ever seen anything like that. I’d be interested to know of other witness sightings in eastern Kansas and western Missouri. I’ve heard many stories but nothing recent.

On August 23, 2010, police found the body of a naked man in the bathtub of his flat in Pimlico, London, zipped inside a red North Face bag which was padlocked shut from the outside. The key to the padlock was found in the bag, beneath the man’s body. This would all be strange enough, but to complicate the mystery, the man in question was Gareth Williams, a Welsh mathematician who was working with the British Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6. In other words, a spy.
Hailing from Anglesey, Wales, Gareth Williams was a true whiz kid, getting a first-class math degree from Bangor University when he was only 17. He subsequently got his Ph.D. from the University of Manchester and went to work for Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, who in turn seconded him out to MI6. Due to the top-secret nature of his work for the Secret Intelligence Service, the investigation of his death had to be handled in a less-than-routine manner.
Because the details of his case could not be immediately revealed to the public, or even to all of the police who were involved in the investigation, there are those who still believe that key elements of his death were covered up, falsified, or intentionally lost. Some sort of conspiracy would certainly explain many of the bizarre elements surrounding Williams’ death, including the strange arrangement of his body, the fact that no fingerprints or DNA were found on the bathtub or the bag, and that no drugs or poisons were found in a subsequent toxicology report.
Indeed, in 2012, a coroner’s inquest determined that it would have been almost impossible for Williams to have locked himself in the bag in question and concluded that his death was “unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated.” Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough evidence for the inquest to render any more definitive verdict.
The coroner’s inquest led to a second investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department, which also led nowhere substantial, leading officials to declare that the “most probable scenario” was that Williams had died alone after accidentally locking himself in the bag, possibly as an act of solo bondage play that ended tragically.
While accidentally locking yourself in a bag seems like an absurd conclusion at a glance, there were certainly reasons for the police to have their suspicions. Three years before his death, Gareth Williams had been found by his landlady and her husband, tied to his bed and screaming for help. He told them that he had tied himself to the bed in order to see if he could get loose. Was that the truth, or was something more sinister going on? Perhaps someone else had tied Williams up, someone whose identity he wasn’t free to divulge to his landlady. Or perhaps he really had been practicing his escape artist skills. After all, as a spy, one never knows when the skills of escape might come in handy.
Another possibility that was brought up during the inquest was that Williams was interested in bondage. He had apparently spent some time on bondage websites, though the coroner determined that the visits were “intermittent” and not frequent enough to suggest an active interest in the lifestyle. Still, that, combined with the tying-himself-to-the-bed incident, was enough for some people to write off Williams’ death as a sex game gone wrong.
The strange case hasn’t remained quiet in the years since Williams’ death. In 2015, Boris Karpichkov, a former KGB agent who had defected from Russia, claimed that Williams had been murdered by members of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service by means of an “untraceable poison introduced in his ear.” According to Karpichkov, the reason for Williams’ murder was a failed attempt to recruit the Welsh mathematician into becoming a double agent. In the course of the attempt, Karpichkov said, the Russians discovered that Williams knew the identity of a Russian mole within the British Government Communications Headquarters and killed him in order to keep him from talking.
The counter-narrative sounds like something right out of a spy novel, with the double-agent in the GCHQ going by the code-name Orion, while Karpichkov calls the Russian assassins who did Williams in “The Cleaners” and claims that they used belladonna, aconite, and black henbane, according to some sources.
Karpichkov isn’t the only one who suspects that Russia might have been behind Williams’ death. According to a lengthy investigation by BuzzFeed News, several United States intelligence officials have confirmed that Gareth Williams is one of the 14 or more people who may have been killed by Russian assassins on British soil.
After former Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent in Salisbury in March of 2018, Colin Sutton, a former Metropolitan Police detective and the senior officer on the scene of Williams’ death, has called for a fresh look into the strange case, “in light of the recent Russian activity in the UK.” Whether yet another investigation of the “spy in the bag” will shed any new light on the mysterious death of Gareth Williams remains to be seen, but it seems impossible to deny that there are still more questions than answers in this haunting case.

On Friday July 6, 2018, a friend and I were driving out to Pleasant Bay, a small beach area outside of Consecon, Ontario. It was around 8:30 PM and the sun was only just beginning to set on the horizon. We figured we still had a good 90 minutes before it got dark so we got some McDonald’s coffee and headed out. The beach is way out in the middle of nowhere, down a lengthy stretch of highway with lots of trees lining both sides of the road and broken up by the occasional farmer’s field.

About ten minutes outside of Consecon, while cruising on the Loyalist Parkway, I noticed something in the trees just as we approached a bend in the road. We were moving quite fast, doing about 90, but something caught my eye, a fleeting glimpse of what looked like greyish legs (talons?) making a ruckus in the trees on the left hand side of the road. I didn’t get much of a look at it but my friend, who was behind the wheel, certainly did. As we zoomed by, he craned his neck out the window, trying to get a look at whatever it was. He eventually turned back to me, blurting, “Holy sh*t, did you see that bird!?! That was the biggest f-cking bird I’ve ever seen!!!” In his usual expletive filled way, he indicated that the bird he saw had a “massive” wingspan, was brownish in color, and was as big or bigger than the car slightly ahead of us on the road. When I asked him what it was doing, he told me that it was trying to jump from one branch to another branch, with some difficulty. It was so big that the branches could not bear its weight. I have to wonder if it was looking for roadkill and the passing cars – us and the car ahead of us – maybe spooked it.

My friend is accustomed to seeing Turkey Vultures and other large birds as he often accompanies his father back north on hunting trips but this was bigger than anything he had ever seen before. With regards to why we didn’t turn around to get a picture or get a better look, it just honestly didn’t occur to us. It was just something odd that we passed on the road and we wanted to get to the beach and have a swim before it got too dark.

It should be noted that my friend has not even a remote interest in the paranormal or cryptozoology as he feels it’s all a bunch of foolishness. He is completely oblivious to all the recent giant bird & winged humanoid sightings being reported around the world, so I found it funny that he was the one who saw it. While it was probably nothing, I figured I’d send this along to you as I know you collect these types of winged being reports.

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