“BIGFOOT KILLED MY FISHING BUDDY” and More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

BIGFOOT KILLED MY FISHING BUDDY” and More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: An Oklahoma man strangles his fishing buddy to death… and then blames it on Bigfoot! We begin with that story! (Bigfoot Killed My Fishing Buddy) *** As you know, I’m not just a podcaster but also a professional voice artist. One of the many things I do is narrating audio books. But up until recently I had no idea who some of my competition was for narrations. It turns out the voice behind many best-selling audiobooks is actually a serial killer. (Murderous Narration) *** Reports of werewolves are worldwide throughout history – from the English moors to the western United States you can find sightings of dogmen, werewolves, and the like. But Louisiana has one of the most interesting entries into Lycanthropy – at least it has an interesting name and history. It’s called the Rougarou. (Rougarou) *** X-ray photos are fascinating, but they are only for the eyes – not the ears, right? Well don’t be too sure about that. People in the Soviet Union found a very unique way to use X-rays in order to smuggle in their favorite tunes from West! (Bone Music) *** He roams the earth, and has done so for the past 2,000 years.. doomed never to die until the end of the world. His crime? Taunting Jesus at the Crucifixion. Is this simply an urban legend, or could there be some truth behind what has come to be known as “The Curse of the Wandering Jew?” (The Curse of the Wandering Jew) *** In 1922, Charles Osbourne was in an accident involving a hog… but that’s not the strange part. It’s the after-effects of that accident which caused him to continue to hiccup non-stop for almost seven decades! (My Hog Gave Me The Hiccups For 68 Years) *** In the 1980s workers in an English peat bog unearthed a body. And then another… and then yet another, and another… all apparent victims of violence. (The Bog Bodies of Lindow)

00:00.00.000 = Show Open
00:03:20.808 = Bigfoot Killed My Fishing Buddy
00:09:17.351 = Bog Bodies of Lindow
00:28:43.366 = Murderous Narration
00:30:35.389 = Rougarou
00:35:43.880 = Bone Music
00:41:19.974 = Curse Of The Wandering Jew
00:48:53.706 = My Hog Gave Me The Hiccups For 68 Years
00:56:32.410 = Show Close
00:58:56.092 = Bloopers

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Originally aired: March, 2022

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