Cryptid Christmas – Flying Reindeer?

(VIDEO BELOW) So it’s that time of year once again, people are busy decorating their trees, carols float in the air kids are excited about making their lists for Santa. It is the season to be jolly, but is it also a season for those that are fans of cryptids? I think very much so, a time when creatures like elves, fairies and maybe even Krampus, Get to run around. Maybe one the most popular animals would not normally be considered a cryptid but with a seasonal job to do, they do display an ability that would make them cryptids among their own species! I am of course talking about reindeer not your average type but the ones which pull Santa’s sleigh. In an obviously, Christmas themed fun video let’s take a look and Rudolph Donna and Blitzen and see what makes these caribou cousins so special!

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