“THE DEMONIC HAUNTING OF THE AMMONS FAMILY” and More Creepy True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

“THE DEMONIC HAUNTING OF THE AMMONS FAMILY” and More Creepy True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: From mysterious swarms of flies to terrifying levitations and violent attacks, the Ammons Family Haunting it’s one of the most terrifying cases of demonic possession in recent history… allegedly. Believers and skeptics are still arguing over its authenticity. (The Demonic Haunting of the Ammons Family) *** In 1764, the peaceful region of Gévaudan, France, was plunged into terror by a series of brutal attacks attributed to a mysterious beast. As the creature’s deadly rampage continued, whispers of a werewolf and sensational newspaper reports fueled a nationwide hysteria. Whatever the Beast of Gévaudan was, the true story still haunts the people living there. (The Terror of Gévaudan) *** In 1990, a horrifying mass shooting at the Las Cruces Bowl bowling alley left four people dead and three others wounded, including children. Despite multiple eyewitnesses and extensive investigations, the killers remain at large. (The Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre) *** New York City, where ghostly apparitions and haunted landmarks abound. From the infamous Dakota building to the chilling tales of Washington Square Park, New York is one of the most haunted cities in the world. We’ll look at just a few ghost locations in the Big Apple. (The Ghosts of New York) *** When William W. Place remarried, he hoped for a loving and stable household. However, his new wife, Martha, quickly showed her true colors, leading to tragic consequences. It’s a tale of jealousy, violence, and ends with the first woman executed by electric chair in the U.S. (A Red Path of Jealousy) *** Imagine dancing non-stop for days, weeks, or even months, all for a chance to win food and money during the Great Depression. Dance marathons pushed contestants to their physical and mental limits, turning a simple competition into a shocking spectacle of endurance and desperation. (Till Death Do We Dance)

00:00.00.000 = Introduction
00:01:51.100 = Show Open
00:05:12.858 = Demonic Haunting of the Ammons Family
00:16:37.578 = The Red Path of Jealousy
00:21:56.980 = The Ghosts of New York
00:31:17.012 = The Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre
00:40:12.243 = Till Death Do We Dance
00:44:17.224 = The Terror of Gévaudan

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Originally aired: May 20, 2024

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