“THE DEMONIC HAUNTING OF THE ALASKAN HOTEL” and More True Creepy Freaky Stories! #WeirdDarkness

“THE DEMONIC HAUNTING OF THE ALASKAN HOTEL” and More True Creepy Freaky Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: The Alaskan Triangle is already known for strange and bizarre activity – so it should be no surprise that a hotel located in the triangle might experience a few bumps in the night. (The Demonic Haunting of the Alaskan Hotel) *** After picking up a sex worker to assault and murder, a serial killer made the mistake of underestimating the determination of his victim to stay alive… and lost his own life in the process. (The Hooker Who Stopped a Serial Killer) *** Chucky the doll isn’t real. Neither were any of the dolls that came to life on shows like “The Twilight Zone” and “Outer Limits” – but that doesn’t mean real haunted dolls don’t exist, and it’s not just “Annabelle” and “Robert” on the list. (When Haunted Dolls Attack) *** Ilse Koch was a female concentration camp guard and she was so ruthless and evil even the Na*is had her arrested. (Ilse Koch: The Witch of Buchenwald) *** They reside atop dizzying heights and are often unnoticed by human eyes but ever watchful of our movements. They have ‘observed’ us for centuries. We’ll look at the history and purpose of gargoyles and grotesques. (In The Protection of Gargoyles) *** Outside of Washington, D.C. lies an abandoned institution with a thoroughly disturbing past. We’ll look at the history and horrors of Forest Haven Mental Asylum. (The Afflictions Of Forest Haven Asylum)

00:00.00.000 = Introduction
00:01:12.945 = Show Open
00:03:40.082 = The Demonic Haunting Of The Alaskan Hotel
00:16:44.041 = The Hooker Who Stopped A Serial Killer
00:23:11.025 = When Haunted Dolls Attack
00:45:54.222 = Ilse Koch, The Witch Of Buchenwald
00:57:17.203 = In The Protection of Gargoyles
01:04:59.291 = The Afflictions of Forest Haven Asylum
01:12:14.997 = Show Close
01:14:25.387 = Bloopers

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Originally aired: March, 2022

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