Did This Man Stumble Across Bigfoot — Or Was It Something More Sinister?

Did This Man Stumble Across Bigfoot — Or Was It Something More Sinister?

On my March 17, 2023 episode of Fireside Frights I shared a story from “Anonymous” who came across these tracks which appear to be what you would expect from a Bigfoot/Sasquatch.  He had shared the photos with me previously but I was unable to find them but fortunately he heard his story shared in the podcast episode and re-sent the photos to me.  Below are the photos, and below the photos is the story he sent.  I have to believe what he came across could be something intelligent and evil – not what you normally get from a Bigfoot encounter.  — Darren Marlar


The story my listener sent to me…

Hello Darren, My name is _____. I emailed you before to say thank you for all you do and shared with you a photo I took of a supposed sasquatch track. I thought I would take the time to share that full story with you. Should you choose to use this story I only ask you exclude my name. Not that this story isn’t true. Rather I’d simply just be left anonymous if at all possible. I hope you understand. Now for the meat of the story.

You may notice I state the photo to be of a supposed Sasquatch track. There is reason for this. Nova Scotia Canada is not the first place one would think of when they hear of Sasquatch. It seems rather off the general beaten path of other better known encounter accounts. Though it isn’t that far from other supposed hot spots such as the woods of Maine or New Brunswick fir that matter. Both these areas have a number of reports. Nova Scotia itself is also no stranger to the weird, and dark tales ( do you see what I did there). Supposed photos of sasquatch were taken not far from Brudgewater Nova Scotia, and even appeared on the television show Paranormal Caught on Camera (google leo a frank bigfoot). Thus why would I class my photo or experience as supposed? Well to be honest it stems from some of the happenings involved. Which I will now explain. 

The photo was taken in the fall of 2021, late October early November. I am an avid, though not successful deer hunter. I’ve hunted 11 years and never bagged a deer. Shot squirrels, rabbits, ducks, coyotes, trapped raccoons and made a hat. Though deer I have not been of the greatest luck. I had been living in the southern part of Nova Scotia since December of 2014, having moved there for my work. I was a pastor to a small community church in the area. One of the local families told me of a sort of boggy clearing I should check out amd should have some luck in bagging a deer that year (2021) I was excited and cleared a day and time to go into the woods and reach the spot. I don’t own an atv so my travels would be on foot. Given the area I would be traveling, I opted to take my mossberg 500 12 gauge. I had with me slugs, buck shot, and loads for small game. I followed the old train track, now trail behind where I lived to where several worn deer trails branch off. I snaked my way down a few following the directions I had and making note. There was considerable deer sign in the area. Large numbers of tracks and even some scat gave me hope this may well be my year. I continued down the trail following some fresher sign and took an off route. This was not a smooth trail. The ground was rocky and broken. Thick with mud, and moss, and a few little creeks. Something many don’t think of in regards to my home province. Nova Scotia is a lot of rocky swamp land along the coasts, and I love it. Though back to the story. I followed the trail and came to a fork. Left followed a stream, no space to walk on the sides and too deep to walk down in, I checked. To the right and in front of me was a trail that went up. It looked like something pulled out or washed out part of it. So there was about a 4 foot cliff to climb. I unloaded my shotgun, broke it down, and placed it in my back pack. I began to climb and once on stable ground I re-esembled my shotgun and loaded in 3 deer slugs. Before continuing the trail I gave a few calls with of grunt caller. I figured I might get lucky. Nothing, then I heard a soft  “whooop”. Thought that is odd. Though I continued on. The ground got more and more soupy and I walked on the thick moss where able. As I went I could hear something up ahead moving. I heard sticks breaking. I stopped and ducked down in the alders. I gave another call on my grunt caller and leveled my shotgun gun on the clearing ahead. I figured it was 50 yards and knew I was comfortable taking a shot with my shotgun at that range of the deer, buck or doe crossed that trail or came into that clearing I was certain I could hit it and would finally have my first deer. I waited and could hear the sound of sticks breaking, then it stopped. Everything stopped. There was not a sound. No birds, no bugs, no squirrels. It was dead still. After awhile I heard something walking away and figured I should keep going. As I continued to walk down the trail, about 15 minutes from where I stopped it came to another fork. I knelt to check which direction to go when I noticed a foot print in the soft ground. Now I’ve been around bears. I’ve seen bear tracks. I’ve been given a false or bluff charge by a black bear. This was not a bears track. For 1 thing there were no claws as you saw Darren. Also there was no front foot print anywhere. The track looked humanlike. Though in Nova Scotia, in the wet cold ground, no one is walking around bare foot. It was not an easy walk to get here. In several places I found myself getting sucked down in mud or having to carefully wade through shallow pools. I checked for other tracks and found 6 total, all going down the left fork. I snapped a photo with 2 3/4 shotgun shell for scale. I even pressed my foot into the ground for comparison. I’m 5’9″ 185-190lbs. My foot barely left a mark and I my boots you can tell it’s a boot print. This track had toes, clear toes. I was stunned. I made a quick video and sent it to my wife or tried to. In it I said something like “I may not be able to find a deer but I thing I just found a sasquatch”. My wife, trades me about my interest in bigfoot. I was excited and started down the left trail. I was only about 10 or 15 yards and heard a sort of “grr-oooop” sound. As if something was saying “hey, I know you’re following me, now stop”. Though I kept going. I was maybe 10 more uards down the trail (I have goose bumps as I wrote this) when I heard a louder “GRR-OOOOOP”. I decided it was time to leave. I headed back down the trail and the whole way I could not help but feel followed. It wasn’t until I reached the old train tracks that it stopped and my video made it to my wife. 
Now this is where I state why I saybsupposed sasquatch print. A few weeks later after I had some rather rough news concerning my job I went out hunting again to clear my head and spend some time with God. The woods have always felt like a place I could connect with God. Be it fishing, hunting, trapping, or just walking. My grandfather was the same way. As I sat in my makeshift blind watching over a game trail that comes out into a clearing I heard my middle daughter voice clear as a bell. It said “daddy, help. I’m lost. Daddy come help me. I need to”. I could hear her though it didn’t sound exactly like her. It didn’t sound as panicked as my daughter would be. It was coming from the clearing next to me. I tried to look into the clearing but could not see anything. I again heard my daughters voice. This time she said “daddy help they are after me. I need you”. I jumped up and came tearing through the brush with my shotgun in hand. There was no one in the clearing. Though there in the center was my daughters rainbowdash winter hat. A hat she lost about a week before when it disappeared off our back deck. I picked up the hat and heard a creepy laugh from the the woods. It was like something was trying to mimic a child’s laugh but was too large. I at once started to pray. I got my pack from my blind and left the area. When I got home I asked my wife of our kids had gone into the woods to play. She said no and asked why. I showed her the hat and my middle daughter said excitedly “it’s my missing hat you got it back”. Not you found it, she said you got it back. Later I told my wife what happe and she and i prayed for our family. I didn’t hunt there anymore after that. I never got my deer. I also don’t live in the area. 

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