DOLLY DEAREST and 17 More Scary True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

DOLLY DEAREST and 17 More Scary True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode with stories from June 2017, and August 07-08, 2018) *** In June 1977, three young campers were brutally murdered in their tent, creating a mystery that has never been solved. (The Camp Scott Girl Scout Massacre) *** Every day a six-year-old has some kind of paranormal experience, something different every day. Is it a ghost, or just her anxiety? (Ghost Or Anxiety) *** A little girl comes across something bizarre when she gets up in the middle of the night for a drink of water. (Strangers In My Kitchen) *** A woman feels a presence sneak onto the bed with her. (Something Climbed Into Bed With Me) *** A George Michael song unleashes something creepy. (Careless Whistler) *** A college student keeps hearing footsteps in the hallway outside the door of his apartment – with no explanation. (The Scuffing Sounds At My Apartment) *** A father phoning home to warn a wife that he will have to stay late due to a meeting at work… only he turns up seconds after the call has ended. (A Strange Phone Call From The Future) *** Terrified residents of a rural Oregon town are reporting hearing an unearthly loud shrieking noise piercing out from the surrounding countryside at night that no one can explain. (The Mystery Shrieks of Oregon) *** In a quiet hamlet north of New York City, darkness grew. From a shining Utopia to a terrifying asylum. (The Chilling Story Behind New York’s Letchworth Village) *** The grisly history of Bobby Mackey’s nightclub includes murder, suicide, and rumors of Satanic sacrifice. (Honky Tonk of Horrors) *** Dr. Adolph Ruth disappeared in rugged mountains in search of lost treasure. Seven months later the finally found his body – as well as a cryptic letter. (Adolph Ruth and the Dutchman’s Gold) *** A group of friends decide to rent a trailer together to live in… but one of them almost instantly regrets it. (Demon In The Trailer Park) *** Sightings of Bigfoot or Sasquatch are prevalent in the Americas, but it appears Asia may have a similar beast. (Big Foot And The Gang) *** A boy comes across a beast in the woods – but not a beast of fur, walking on two or four legs. This one wasn’t even an animal. (Walking Tree Man) *** A woman dying of cancer in the hospital mysteriously appears to her son at home, and he wasn’t the only one to get a visit. (A Haunting And a Dream) *** A family shopping at a yard sale bring home something very non-family-friendly. (Dolly Dearest) *** Joe Metheny started out looking for his runaway wife and son, but ended up on a revenge-driven killing spree, turning his victims into burgers. (Joe Metheny: The Human Burger Meister) *** The 1954 novel “Lord of the Flies” was fiction – but in 1790 something very similar happened for real. (The Real Lord of the Flies)
“Adolph Ruth and the Dutchman’s Gold” by Troy Taylor:

“Demon In The Trailer Park” by Juan Guzmen, submitted to
“Walking Tree Man Encounter” by Michael:
“Honky Tonk of Horrors” by Theresa Argie and Eric Olsen:
“A Haunting And a Dream” by Howard Whipple submitted to
“Dolly Dearest”: (link no longer available)
“The Real Life Lord Of The Flies” by Joanna Gillan:
“Bigfoot And The Gang” by Pinka:
Joe Metheny: The Human Burger Meister” by Katie Serena:
“Ghost or Anxiety”:
“The Mystery Shrieks of Oregon” by Brent Swancer: (The shrieks heard at the beginning of this episode were from the video “Strange Sounds In Forest Grove Oregon” by Jeremy Morgan:
The Chilling Story Behind New York’s Letchworth Village” by Stephanie Almazan:
“Careless Whistler” submitted by Joe to (“Careless Whisper” instrumental guitar was played by Alexandr Misko:
“Something Climbed Into Bed With Me” submitted by Kim G. to
“The Scuffing Sounds at My Apartment” by Sam Spence:
“Strangers In My Kitchen” by Claire Carter:
“A Strange Phone Call From The Future” by Jan Davis:
“The Camp Scott Girl Scout Massacre” by Troy Taylor:
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