“EVERYONE BELIEVES IN SOMETHING (The Difference Between Faith and Belief)” #ChurchOfTheUndead

“EVERYONE BELIEVES IN SOMETHING (The Difference Between Faith and Belief)” #ChurchOfTheUndead

“EVERYONE BELIEVES IN SOMETHING (The Difference Between Faith and Belief)” #ChurchOfTheUndead

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IN THIS EPISODE: Do you believe Jesus is the Savior? Do you love him? If you believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again on the basis of strong evidence, then you can have faith that Christ can be trusted with your life. Believing in God is one thing; believing in the Triune God is another. Believing in Jesus is not the same as believing in the resurrected, triumphant Savior. Agreeing with the Bible is not the same thing as having faith. There are actually people in this world that believe that the Bible is true, but still are not Christians. Something is missing. If someone believes the evidence regarding the virgin birth, Christ’s death, and his resurrection, does this make him or her a Christian? Even Satan believes these things are true – but he obviously isn’t a Christian. So what makes faith different from belief?

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