“FIELD OF SCREAMS” and 5 More Terrifying True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

UPDATE ON THE SOLAR OBSERVATORY STORY: https://amp.space.com/41852-sunspot-solar-observatory-opening-after-criminal-investigation.html

IN THIS EPISODE: Why would a solar observatory need to be closed up for security reasons… for two weeks? No one is getting any straight answers from the U.S. government. (National Solar Observatory Mysteriously Closed For Security Reasons) *** A heavenly being wakes a man just in time to save his daughter from certain death. (Jesus And The Bunk Beds) *** It has been told that once you are aware of black eyed children, there is no escaping a visit from them… which is exactly what happened to one woman in Las Vegas. (Black Eyed Omens of Death) *** When ghost hunting, sometimes you’ll end the hunt with nothing to show for it – until you begin reviewing the recordings later, as one Ohio ghost hunter found out. (A Strange Graveyard Ghost Hunting Incident In Ohio) *** Martin Scorsese’s 2002 movie “The Gangs of New York”, based on the book of the same name, is loosely based on real events… events that may be even more brutal than the movie itself. (The Killing of Bill The Butcher) *** Why are major league baseball players so superstitious? And what does that have to do with haunted hotel? (Superstation, Pro Baseball, and Haunted Houses)

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