Ghost Hunter Found Dead, Body Drained Of Blood

Ghost Hunter Found Dead, Body Drained Of Blood

Ghost Hunter Found Dead, Body Drained Of Blood

By Austin Harvey | Edited By Cara Johnson, for All That’s Interesting

After embarking on what was seemingly a ghost hunting trip in northern Italy, a French woman was found dead inside an abandoned church — with no blood left in her body.

According to a CNN report, the chapel was located in Italy’s Aosta Valley. The woman, 22-year-old Auriane Nathalie Laisne, told family members about her plans for the trip, mentioning that she would be looking for a haunted house where she believed she could find ghosts.

Police believe Laisne may have been attempting to participate in a TikTok trend involving hunting ghosts, which is popular among French TikTok users. That, however, is just one of the many bizarre theories surrounding this case.

A spokesperson for TikTok told Business Insider, “No evidence has been presented that relates this tragic death to TikTok in any way.” They also called the link between the ghost hunting trend and Laisne’s death a “false narrative.”

Shortly before her death, Laisne was seen with a young male with olive skin and dark hair. A witness claimed both of them were dressed “like vampires,” according to a police spokesperson. The witness told police that Laisne was “emaciated” and pale, adding that she looked like a “walking corpse.”

“They were dressed like two goths, all in dark. Like those boys who venerate death. I thought: two vampires,” the witness said.

Evidence from the scene shows that Laisne’s death was incredibly violent. However, there was no sign of a struggle, leading investigators to theorize that she may have been a victim of “consented murder.”

According to medical examiner Roberto Testi, Laisne was stabbed with a camping knife before bleeding to death. She was also shot twice in the neck and once in the abdomen, though these wounds may have been inflicted after she died.

Some of her blood, police said, had also been scraped off the floor and removed from the scene.

Alongside the body, investigators found a package of pink marshmallows and a few other groceries purchased from a nearby store. Laisne did not have any identifying documents or her cellphone on her when her body was found decomposing by a hiker on Friday, April 5.

As The Sun later reported, police launched a manhunt for the man who had been seen with Laisne, tracking down a suspect in France on Wednesday, April 10.

Teima Sohaib
Teima Sohaib, the 21-year-old suspected of killing Auriane Nathalie Laisne. (Police photo)

The man, identified as 21-year-old Teima Sohaib, was arrested on suspicion of murder. Sohaib had, in fact, been wanted in France since the end of March for “violation of the judicial control” over reported violence against Laisne.

The two were in a relationship, but Sohaib had been ordered not to approach Laisne. Authorities described their relationship as “not peaceful.”

“It was not a case of rapture, jealousy, or passion,” chief prosecutor Luca Ceccanti said during a press conference. “It is a classic femicide, which was determined by a motive of possession and the annulment of the victim’s will.”

Still, rumors about Laisne’s death are spreading on social media, with some people claiming she was sacrificed, others sticking to the “consented murder” theory, and many continuing to contribute her demise to the ghost hunting TikTok challenge.

As the investigation unfolds, the truth about the young woman’s tragic death will hopefully be revealed.


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