Goblins Terrorize Bulawayo Family

Goblins Terrorize Bulawayo Family 

Imagine living in a house where strange things happen every day, like you’re stuck in a scary movie. That’s the reality for a family of three kids and their grandparents in Magwegwe North, Bulawayo.

The kids, aged 13, 12, and eight, live with their grandparents and have been dealing with some seriously spooky stuff. They think it might be goblins causing all the trouble! What used to be a peaceful home has turned into a place full of fear and confusion.

Every day brings new weirdness – things disappearing, creepy noises, and even the kids feeling like they’re being attacked by something they can’t see. Doors and windows seem to move on their own, lights flicker, and sometimes food vanishes while they’re cooking!

It all started last November, and it’s only gotten worse since then. One morning, the kids woke up with their heads shaved! Then, the youngest woke up screaming one night – turns out he’d been stabbed in the leg with a knife! And yep, his head was shaved again. Talk about terrifying!

The family has tried everything to make it stop. They’ve asked prophets and traditional healers for help, but nothing seems to work. In fact, things get even scarier after they try to get help. Doors and windows start opening by themselves, the kids’ clothes get torn, and they can’t even go to school anymore!

They even hired a spiritual healer to do a cleansing ceremony, but the next day, their house mysteriously burned down. Luckily, only the bedrooms were damaged, but still – super creepy!

They thought sending the kids to stay with their grandma in South Africa would help, but nope! The weird stuff followed them there too, within just three days. So, they had to bring the kids back to Zimbabwe.

They tried having the kids stay with neighbors, but guess what? The creepy creatures followed them there as well!

The kids’ grandma, Mayinesi Chongwe, is heartbroken. People in the community are starting to call her a witch, but she swears she’s not! She’s been a faithful Christian her whole life and has never dabbled in witchcraft.

So, what’s really going on in Magwegwe North? It’s a mystery that’s leaving this family and their community terrified and desperate for answers.


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