Halloween LIVE Scream 2023

Halloween LIVE Scream 2023 #WeirdDarkness #HalloweenLiveScream

I am very sorry about the video quality. I do not know what happened, and there was no way to stop the broadcast and refresh the stream without losing everything. I just checked the original recording on my end and it looks just as bad. I am truly sorry. Four and a half hours of my fuzzy face being even more fuzzy. 😩 I am editing this down for an audio-only version which you can find below.

The tradition continues! It’s the 2023 HALLOWEEN LIVE SCREAM! Once the trick-or-treating is over, join Weird Darkness host, Darren Marlar as he shares true ghost stories, real tales of terror, responds to your comments, gives away prizes, and more – all streaming LIVE via Facebook, X (Twitter), and YouTube! For me to see your comments and reply to them, you’ll need to give Facebook permission to share them – you can do that at https://streamyard.com/facebook.  And follow my new animated show for kids, coming soon to YouTube, called “Ping & Roar” on Instagram @Magical_Moms!
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CAPTION CONTEST WINNER: MARK JENKINS with, “You will be known as Gourdy O’ Lantern, the lesser known brother of Frosty!”


SOURCES AND ESSENTIAL LINKS… (Assuming I get to all of the stories!)
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BOOK: “Trick or Treat Mrs Witch” story is from the book, “Halloween Stories: Spooky Short Stories for Children” by Uncle Amon: https://amzn.to/45QoosT (Get all of his Halloween books at https://amzn.to/45SUrbN)
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