Happy Birthday, Alex Fournier!

This kid has the coolest mom in the world.  Check out what was just emailed to me from her!
Hello Darren,
My name is Jodi. My son Alex loves your podcast!   He turned 10 on Saturday July 20 and his theme was Weird Darkness. I couldn’t really find anything for a party but I think I did pretty good!! Here are some pictures!! He was so excited!!
Your fellow weirdos The Fournier Family.
Jodi then included some photos (below).  She obviously purchased the shirts from the Weird Darkness store – and it appears she also bought some “Proud To Be A Weirdo” stickers from the store and stuck them to cups and the large Kool-Aid dispenser.   I love that they got him the old-time radio tshirt – he actually looks like the kid in the design!  This mom is definitely WEIRD in a great way!

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