“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!” by Darren Marlar

Before discovering my speaking voice, I was using my singing voice.  This is not one of my best works, I go flat a lot, and it was hard for me to hear my own voice as I was recording it myself in the living room, but it is what it is – and it’s Christmas so I’m sharing it anyway, to show that I am not above showing the audio version of my “90’s” self.  I’m fairly sure this was around 1993, as it was before I had met my bride, I wasn’t dating anyone at the time, but it was after I had found Jesus and was working towards a career as a Christian musician.  I might have to share some of the other songs I’ve written and recorded someday if I get brave enough. Most all are Christian rock, but this one fit the season which is why I’m posting it tonight.  Merry Christmas!

If that’s hasn’t completely turned you off from Christmas, perhaps this one will…

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