“HOSPITAL OF THE DAMNED” and More Terrifying True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

HOSPITAL OF THE DAMNED” and More Terrifying True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Welcome to a Weird Darkness DARKIVE episode!
“The Victorian House Basement” by Mark: http://www.myhauntedlifetoo.com/2015/09/11/the-victorian-house-basement/
“Unseen Presence In My Bedroom” submitted anonymously: http://www.myhauntedlifetoo.com/2015/09/18/unseen-presence-in-my-bedroom/
“The Demon In My Dreams” submitted anonymously: http://www.myhauntedlifetoo.com/2015/09/24/the-demon-in-my-dreams/
“The Witches’ Daughter” submitted anonymously: http://www.myhauntedlifetoo.com/2015/09/16/the-witches-daughter/
“A Ghostly Dog” submitted anonymously: http://www.myhauntedlifetoo.com/2015/09/21/a-ghostly-dog/
“Can a Table Be Possessed?” by Ruth: http://www.myhauntedlifetoo.com/2015/09/28/can-a-table-be-possessed/
“The Hanged Man on Box Road” was written by Raven Knight
“Déjà Vu” was written by Cindy Parmiter (from the book “Tales Too Strange To Be Fiction”):
“The Most Haunted House in Ohio” was written by Troy Taylor:
“The Ghosts of Pluckley Village” is from the book “100 True Ghost Stories” by Alan Toner:https://www.amazon.com/True-Ghost-Stories-Alan-Toner-ebook/dp/B00DW64J8S
“The Entity” is from the book “More Tales Too Strange To Be Fiction” by Cindy Parmiter:https://www.amazon.com/MORE-TALES-TOO-STRANGE-FICTION-ebook/dp/B01GBSN830
“Hospital Of The Damned” is from the book “The Haunting of America: Ghosts & Legends of America’s Haunted Past” by Troy Taylor: https://www.amazon.com/Haunting-America-Legends-Americas-Haunted/dp/1892523175
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Originally aired: April 6-7, 2019

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