“INVASION OF THE BLACK-EYED KIDS and More Terrifying True Horrors! #WeirdDarkness

“INVASION OF THE BLACK-EYED KIDS and More Terrifying True Horrors! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Described as childlike beings with eerie coal black eyes, no iris or pupils, and pale, white skin, a scourge of mysterious black-eyed children have been reported all over the world. There are hundreds of reports of black-eyed children, often seen in groups of two or more, who ask for permission to enter the person’s home or vehicle. Witnesses often report an overwhelming feeling of dread and despair in their presence. What the black-eyed children seek is not known… nor is it known exactly what they are. (Invasion Of The Black Eyed Kids) *** In October of 1943, a U.S. Navy destroyer was supposedly turned invisible and teleported from Philadelphia to Norfolk. But did it really happen? (The Truth Behind The Philadelphia Experiment) *** The Witchcraft Act of 1735 ended the gruesome practice of burning witches at the stake, making it illegal to accuse anyone of having magical powers. Yet in 1944, Helen Duncan was convicted under this very law for fraudulent spiritual activities. Despite her claims of contacting spirits through ectoplasm and even revealing classified naval secrets, she was sentenced to prison. Her trial was one of the last times the Witchcraft Act was used before being replaced in 1951, but her supporters continue to campaign for her pardon. (Britain’s Last Witch) *** Once a powerful festival, Dies Sanguinis, or “Day of Blood,” honored the Roman goddess of war, Bellona, with animal sacrifices and martial rituals. The festival showcased Rome’s military strength and dedication to victory. Although the rise of Christianity and the fall of the Roman Empire eventually ended the festival, its legacy still sheds light on the fascinating nature of ancient Roman culture. (Rome’s Day of the Bloody Sacrifice) *** The Dardeen family was found brutally murdered in their home near Ina, Illinois, leaving residents and investigators stumped. Yet even after a confession by Tommy Lynn Sells, the truth is still a mystery. (Demise of the Dardeen Family)

00:00.00.000 = Introduction
00:03:50.930 = Show Open
00:07:24.193 = Invasion of the Black Eyed Kids (Part 1)
00:16:25.361 = Invasion of the Black Eyed Kids (Part 2)
00:56:44.662 = The Truth Behind The Philadelphia Experiment
01:02:19.882 = Britain’s Last Witch
01:10:48.357 = Rome’s Day of Bloody Sacrifice
01:14:22.154 = Show Close

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Originally aired: May 08, 2024

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