Is Taylor Swift a Satanic Priestess?

Is Taylor Swift a Satanic Priestess?

By Black Diamond Social Club

One conspiracy theory that popped up in 2011 and now is circulating around Twitter again suggests that Taylor Swift is a) Satanic High Priestess Zeena Schreck or b) a clone of the high ranking Church of Satan Priestess. Like the David Hogg is Adam Lanza Conspiracy, this one relies on some interesting and initially convincing photography. Let’s take a look at the conspiracy and see if we can answer the question: Is Taylor Swift is a Satanic Priestess?

Zeena Schreck was born Zeena Galatea LaVey on November 19, 1963 and grew up in the Church of Satan which her father Anton Szandor LaVey founded in 1966. She served as its high priestess from 1985-1990, and appeared on various talk shows throughout the period as its first spokesperson. She ultimately renounced the church’s teachings and severed ties with her father. After resigning from her position she went on to practice Buddhism and other tantric based religions.

Pop star Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Pennsylvania. There are no known Satanic ties in her past. In fact, her father – a bank executive – did the very Christian thing of purchasing a Christmas tree farm which Taylor spent her youth on before moving to Nashville to pursue her dreams. The High Priestess would have been 26 years old when Swift was born. So they can’t be the same person. But is Swift an Illuminati clone of Schreck?

Another conspiracy says that Zeena used her DNA to create Illuminati clones including Swift. While some say the Illuminati do clone people, we have yet to actually see a human clone. Others think that Shreck made a pact with the devil to stay youthful and live out her dream as a pop star influencing the younger generation. The former high priestess did dabble in music performing in a musical project called Radio Werewolf that released such hits as “Bring Me The Head of Geraldo Rivera”. So maybe she has a little Swift envy and seeks mainstream success.

For what it’s worth, Schreck is alive and well living in Berlin (possible Nazi ties?) but we couldn’t find any rebuttals from her. Taylor Swift has yet to comment on the rumors as well. So proving that Taylor Swift is not an Illuminati clone is, well, impossible. Sure they do bear a striking resemblance, but that’s a pretty far fetched suggestion. I think the only thing that will put this conspiracy to rest is an official Swift-Schreck collaboration.

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