“Left to Right” by Ivan Maksimov (Creepy Cartoon)

“Left To Right” by Ivan Maksimov (Creepy Cartoon)

Imagine this: you’re slowly drifting off to sleep. You’re seconds away from a blissful dream, when suddenly, you hear the noise of the moon going through a meat grinder, followed by the creepiest carnival music you can imagine.  You don’t have to imagine this, however, because it actually happens in this cartoon. It’s nothing short of wild. Not only this, in the video life evolves and changes out of this wormlike silly putty. Some of the creations and events that you see transpire in this short cartoon (like the constant eating and pooping out an apple by all the creatures, or the one creature punching bits off another gelatinous blob of mass) is probably what inspired Tim Burton in his early days, or possibly even Jeffrey Dahmer.

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