Halloween LIVE Scream 2019 #WeirdDarkness

Halloween LIVE Scream 2019 #WeirdDarkness #HalloweenLiveScream

Scroll down for video and audio versions of the broadcast. Want to see the LIVE CHAT that took place during the live stream?  Open up a new window and watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/zvPdgHIbKsU

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IN THIS EPISODE: We had a lot of fun last night (October 31, 2019) during LIVE SCREAM 2019!  We had some technical difficulties (just like last year – keeping the streak alive!) but it was fun nonetheless!  The sound cuts out for a while due to a microphone issue I didn’t notice right away (thank you, Mom for texting Robin to let her know!), but it is only temporary and comes back at 21:52 into the video.  But even during the silence, the live chat continued and it’s kind of fun to watch everyone’s initial reactions, and then the jokes begin.  It was so much fun to watch this after the fact and see the comments from all of you, my Weirdos!  We had almost 100 people watching at one point – much bigger audience than last year!  Also the video ends abruptly when my phone battery dies – because I was a moron and didn’t plug in the phone to an outlet before streaming. Technical difficulties are apparently part of the LIVE SCREAM tradition now. ?

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Watch the LIVE SCREAM 2019 on YouTube: https://youtu.be/zvPdgHIbKsU
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