Man Makes Contact With Otherworldly Womanly Entity (At Night)

Man Makes Contact With Otherworldly Womanly Entity (At Night)

While staying at their friends home somewhere within Los Angeles, it was getting late as a young man slept in their guest room. Not more than an hour had passed, until he started tossing and turning unable to sleep much if at all. Sometimes people can experience what is known as sleep paralysis. This condition renders someone unable to move whatsoever.

Typically, someone will feel the stages of being awakened. Yet when they attempt to wake up, they simply cannot. During these types of transitions, people are unable to either move or speak normally. It seems to happen to many people and some experience this way more often than others.

Sometimes even, a person will feel pressure or the sensation of being choked. He went on to say, that this rarely ever happens to him. When this did happen to him, he didn’t feel panicked or paralyzed.

As this young man attempted to sleep, he kept waking up over and over again. Unable to function normally, he peered around the room before him. It was a very dark night, yet he felt the sensation of calmness overwhelm him completely. He admitted that he was fully conscious during this particular night. He was listening to music with his earbuds, his eyes closed and he felt like something was in the room with him. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his arm. This certainly startled him for a while.

He continued to sit up straighter and after looking around, he witnessed before him what appeared to be the shadowy figure of a woman hovering right next to his bed. He wasn’t able to see any distinguishing features at first but he estimated her at being around 5’2″ tall. This woman seemed to have pale skin that even glowed on that night.

His next glance caught her mid length hair, decorated by several different necklaces and long styled earrings. While being trapped in the moment, this womanly figure seemed to glide along the floor reminiscent of ghosts seen on screen and reported about. This man did noticed that she seemed to be constantly covering her face even placing her hand over it. She also seemed to use her hair to cover most of her face.

The most rememberable thing that happened – was when she held out a handwritten note before him. There were many sentences, that seemed aggressively scratched out for whatever different reason. This man thought to himself, the significance of all of this. The words written were all about his life it seemed.

Soon enough, he was able to communicate with her through some kind of telepathy. She then said to him, “It’s better this way, don’t you think”. Not long after, she handed the note to him to read. The man explained that he was in some kind of trance-like state of mind. He was completely in awe of what was happening around him. Turning the note away back towards her, he then said out loud “Yeah, I agree”. She took the note away and moments later turned away from him. The door to his room was then left open.

He reflected about what had happened got up and then ran over towards his friends room, where his girlfriend was as well. He asked whether or not she had come into his room recently. She said no, even though she too was having trouble sleeping. Weird flashes of light lit up her window she explained.

It happened several times upon that night. Not knowing what next to do, this man went outside to smoke a cigarette. He reflected about what had happened. His conclusion was, he didn’t feel like he was in any immediate danger. Whoever or whatever she was, it seemed like she was protecting him much like that of a guardian angel. He said he was okay with that.

It is unclear where this exactly happened in Hollywood, CA but it did seem to be unusual to say the least.

(Source: Reddit)

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