“The World’s MOST HAUNTED ORPHANAGES and the GHOSTS Within” and More True Horror! #WeirdDarkness

“The World’s MOST HAUNTED ORPHANAGES and the GHOSTS Within” and More True Horror! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: We’ll explore chilling stories of haunted orphanages, where the echoes of heartbroken and lonely children linger long after the buildings have been abandoned. (Haunted Orphanage Stories) *** “If only these walls could talk,” we’ve heard people say. But what if the walls could talk? In the world of paranormal investigations, the “Stone Tape Theory” is gaining recognition – or at least raising eyebrows and intrigue. Could the walls of your home have recorded your horrific death – and then replay that scene as a haunting? (The Stone Tape Theory) *** One thing is for sure in this life – and that is, your life will eventually cease. How you go out could make or break your legacy. Freak accidents are something you’d probably want to avoid, but they happen – and I have a few examples to share. (Weird Deaths) *** In the misty expanse of Bodmin Moor, a tragic tale of love, jealousy, and murder unfolded in 1844. When Charlotte Dymond’s lifeless body was found, all eyes turned to her lover, Matthew Weeks, whose subsequent execution left many questioning his guilt. (The Tragic Tale of Charlotte Dymond) *** The Urantia Book – a fascinating and controversial text that blends science, religion, and philosophy into a cosmic narrative of divine beings and celestial order. But no one knows who wrote it. (The Urantia Book Of Cosmic Thought) *** I’m trying something new by telling a true story of old murder in an old detective style… I call it “Murder Noir” and tonight’s case will be the death of Jeanette Earnest in Fort Worth in 1954. (Murder Noir, Jeanette Earnest) *** On Monday 17th October 1814, a terrible disaster claimed the lives of at least 8 people. A bizarre industrial accident resulted in the release of a tsunami onto the streets of London… comprised entirely of beer. (A Sudden Wave of Suds)

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00:01:28.475 = Show Open
00:04:27.825 = Haunted Orphanage Stories
00:17:09.282 = The Urantia Book of Cosmic Thoughta
00:23:34.127 = The Tragic Tale of Charlotte Dymond
00:29:01.053 = The Stone Tape Theory
00:39:01.389 = Weird Deaths
00:47:58.929 = A Sudden Wave of Suds
00:54:10.328 = Murder Noir: “The Case of the Obsessed Uncle”
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Originally aired: June 04, 2024

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