“THE MOST HAUNTED ROADS IN AMERICA” and More Dark and Disturbing True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

THE MOST HAUNTED ROADS IN AMERICA” and More Dark and Disturbing True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Spooks are known to haunt houses, castles, cemeteries, abandoned hospitals, and even toys or other objects… but somehow, it’s haunted roads that seem the darkest for many. (America’s Haunted Roads) *** A heating engineer working in the Treasurer’s House in York, England is disturbed by music… and then the ghostly presence of at least twenty Roman soldiers walking right past him through the walls! (The Roman Ghosts of York) *** The last man hanged at Bodmin Jail not only still lingers at the location – he has even been caught on camera. (The Haunting of Bodmin Jail) *** We’ll share the true and tragic story of a teenaged girl who’s abnormality landed her on the freak show circuit, with people paying to gawk at “The Camel Girl”. (Ella Harper: The Freak Show Camel Girl)

00:00.00.000 = Introduction
00:01:20.028 = Show Open
00:03:29.783 = America’s Haunted Roads
00:28:32.242 = The Haunting of Bodmin Jail
00:37:10.846 = The Roman Ghosts of York
00:42:33.391 = Ella Harper, The Freak Show Camel Girl

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Originally aired: March, 2022

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