Mysterious Bright Light On Mars – Does It Suggest Life On The Planet?

By Cynthia McKanzie

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has snapped an image of a mysterious light clearly visible on Mars. Suddenly a bright flash appeared out of nowhere and with no indication of what may have caused it.

Could the image be evidence of extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet?

The image was taken on June snapped on June 16th and the flash lasted only for a few seconds.

As Yahoo News reports,“the flash is only present in one of many consecutive images Curiosity captured that day. Images from just seconds later show absolutely nothing but the baren Martian landscape, so what caused the flash?”

NASA admits the agency cannot explain the flash, but it doesn’t mean it’s an extraterrestrial spaceship. It has happened on previous occasions that flashes were observed over the surface of Mars, yet there is no conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet, at least not according to NASA.

Just recently, the largest amount of methane ever measured was detected on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover.

Methane is often associated with life as we know it, but Curiosity doesn’t have instruments that can definitively say what the source of the methane is.

Wild speculations about life on Mars is not uncommon, but scientists require solid proof and that has been missing. Not everyone is convinced we are being told the truth about the conditions on the Red Planet. As previously reported, many UFO hunters say there are peculiar ancient structures and artifacts on Mars. For example, UFO hunter Scott C. Waring says he has spotted an ancient alien sarcophagus on the Red Planet, and he thinks it’s proof of an ancient Martian civilization.

Prominent scientists have previously suggested advanced life-forms were once present on Mars.

Jason T. Wright, an astronomer from the Pennsylvania State University suggested that highly advanced extraterrestrial civilizations might have lived on Earth, Mars and even Venus billions of years ago.

Why these extraterrestrial civilizations vanished without a trace is unknown, but we could find proof of their advanced technology in our solar system.

Scientists have previously made clear that we should also not dismiss the possibility that ET artifacts could exists close to our planet and some alien devices might even observe us.

Meanwhile, all we can say for now is that that searcher for extraterrestrial life on Mars or elsewhere must continue. Surely, we, humans cannot be the only intelligent living species in the Universe.


Cover Photo: Credit: NASA – original image

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