Mystery Creature Hits Man with Salmon

Mystery Creature Hits Man with Salmon

A man who claims a salmon was launched at his back in the woods says the ‘large dark shape’ he saw earlier could have been the thrower.

Last month a dog walker’s bizarre experience in the notoriously spooky Culbin forest in Moray, Scotland, was reported to British bigfoot researcher Deborah Hatswell.

Deborah explained in her blog that the area has a history of myth, witchcraft and more recently ghostly pilots of downed planes during the Second World War.

A relative of the man who claims to have been target practice for something in the woods, says it was just the latest in a series of unexplained events.

The family member said: “He saw a very ‘large dark shape’ which stopped when it saw him and It turned back into the forest. When he described the height of this shape It was approx 7ft tall.

“It happened too fast for him to get a photograph of it, and it was over in a matter of seconds.

“Then last night as he was walking the dog he had a large salmon thrown at him, but he couldn’t see the thrower. He said all was totally silent out in the forest, there were no bird sounds, no small animals, nothing.

“He did manage to get a photo of the Salmon though. Have to say I had a similar thing happen at Cloddymoss a couple of years ago now.”

Culbin forest is located right off the Scottish coastline but how a fish found its way from the water to flying through the woodland, left the dog walker with only one possible conclusion – the beast he previously saw lurking in the shadows.

His relative continued: “I cant work out where the Salmon was thrown from. I think the only explanation is a passing Osprey, but there are none in the area that I know of?

“He might have been more grateful for the salmon if it hadn’t hit him on his shoulder really hard, but as you can see from the photo it had taken a bit of a knock before reaching him.”

This was not the first time the dog walker claims to have witnessed strange phenomena in the area as only weeks before the sounds of a ‘big cat’ alarmed his pets at home.

A loud crashing noise in the woods later sent deer bolting out of the forest, something he suspects was the work of a bigfoot type creature.

They added: “A few weeks back now he was sitting watching tv when there was a very loud yeowling noise that sounded like a big cat! It was dark, around 10.30 pm, but his German Shepherd Dog shot to the window with his hackles up and growling.

“The area overlooks fields and forestry land. His two house cats shot off the couch and ran for cover, they hiding under a bed hissing furiously when he tried to get them out again.

The yeowl lasted for approx 90 seconds. There was nothing to be seen even with a torch, but he could hear loud rustling noises beyond his garden. The Dog stayed behind him growling as whatever it was moved away.

“Last week as he took the Dog for his late walk before bedtime they made their way round one of the fields. As they were walking three Roe Deer came running straight out of the forestry at high speed about 20 yards ahead of him.

“He had just managed to grab the Dogs collar to stop him chasing after the Deer when there was a loud crashing noise that sounded like something big shoving through the trees.

Source: Daily Star

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