Mystery in the Skies: British Special Forces and UFOs

Mystery in the Skies: British Special Forces and UFOs

In the late 1980s, something strange happened in northern England. According to Franc Milburn, a former soldier, British special forces recovered a mysterious craft that wasn’t made by humans. Milburn shared this astonishing story with, revealing details about a top-secret mission involving a downed ‘non-human’ craft.

Milburn’s friend, who we’ll call ‘John’, was part of a secret unit known as ‘E Squadron’. This elite team, similar to the CIA’s Special Operations Group, was tasked with covert missions. According to Milburn, John disclosed that they were sent to secure and retrieve a strange craft in northern England, which had been downed under mysterious circumstances.

Describing the mission, Milburn explained that John and his team were flown in by helicopter and established a perimeter around the craft. They soon realized it was not of earthly origin and that its occupants had fled the scene. Despite their efforts to track down these beings, the mission ultimately ended with scientists taking over the scene, leaving the soldiers in the dark.

While the Ministry of Defence denies any knowledge of such operations, Milburn stands by the credibility of his friend’s account. Having worked alongside US Special Forces and the State Department, Milburn is no stranger to secrets. He believes it’s time to shed light on these hidden operations, especially in light of recent whistleblowers’ testimonies about UFOs.

But this isn’t the only encounter with UFOs in British airspace. Military pilots have reported similar incidents, including failed attempts to intercept ‘disc-shaped objects’. Despite official denials, eyewitness accounts from credible sources continue to fuel speculation about the existence of extraterrestrial technology.

The truth about UFOs remains elusive, with conflicting reports and official statements. Yet, as more witnesses come forward, the mystery only deepens. Whether these encounters are the stuff of science fiction or something more profound, the quest for answers continues.

(Source: The Daily Mail)

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