Mystery Unearthed: Human Bones Found in Wall Township

Mystery Unearthed: Human Bones Found in Wall Township

A big surprise shook up Wall Township, New Jersey when construction workers digging for a new house found something strange: three human skulls and bones. People started talking, guessing everything from a scary murder story to secrets from the Prohibition days.

Experts like Angelique Corthals, who knows a lot about old bones, are trying to figure out what happened. They’re asking an important question: Is this from a long time ago, or is it something more recent and possibly dangerous?

The local historian, De Hearn, thinks these bones might be from the old farming days. Back then, families often buried their loved ones right on their own land. But it’s weird because they didn’t find any coffins. Hearn says that’s because sometimes people were just wrapped in blankets when they were buried.

The names of the streets in the neighborhood hint at Native American history, but Hearn doesn’t think this is a Native American burial ground. Some people think maybe there was a secret bar during Prohibition, but Hearn hasn’t found proof of that yet.

Experts are using cool science stuff like carbon dating to figure out how old the bones are. They’re also looking at DNA to see if they can find out more about the people these bones belonged to. It’s like a real-life mystery movie!

Everyone in the neighborhood is curious and a little scared. What happened here? Was it just an old family cemetery, or is there something more mysterious going on? Only time and science will tell.


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