Mystifying “Mystery Spots” and “Gravity Hills” Bedazzle Visitors Everywhere

Mystifying “Mystery Spots” and “Gravity Hills” Bedazzle Visitors Everywhere

A brain teaser or trick happens in specific locations around the world. They are known as “Mystery Spots” and “Gravity Hills”. However, there are those who believe that something otherworldly is going on. Some locations are long stretches of roads, while others are indoors where unusual things seem to happen that simply defy gravity itself.

There are many known spots like this that exist worldwide. By visiting one of these locations, one can get ponder what really is going on. Scientifically it seems…that people lose their sense of balance. Often they become disoriented not knowing what is happening to them. Sometimes people can get really sick while visiting a location such as this.

These places are quite intriguing. It doesn’t matter whether or not someone is driving along a road that behaves oddly or standing on solid ground that seems to shift all of a sudden.

Earth’s gravitational field, can seem like its out of whack. It would appear upon imagination, that someone stepped into a vortex of some kind. All of it, appears to be nothing more than mere imagination and wonderment.

People come from far and wide, to enjoy these Mystery spots and Gravity Hills as they tease their very own brains. The sensation is comparable to someone stepping off an intense roller coaster, they are wobbly walking around and their head feels like it is spinning. People do actually lose their balance and oddly enough, it does seem to affect some people more than others.

When a car or a ball appears to roll uphill, it really is rolling downhill as natural gravity intends. This great illusion, makes the horizon line along with other landscape scenery seem quite different. Why these certain areas appear to be like this, has been speculation for years.

Scientists always like to provide an answer for everything, yet there are some things which we don’t entirely understand. However, mankind can continue to question everything to learn more about it.

For now, we can all accept that landscapes are just tricking our brains into what we want to see, thus the illusion seems real. Gravity Hills and Mystery Spots invoke fascination to us. Most of the time, it can be hard to convince the brain otherwise of what is going on.

If you are daring enough to visit one of these places, set your car into neutral as a test and see what happens next. You might seem to be climbing a hill nearby, that doesn’t seem physically possible. Likewise, while inside a Mystery Spot…watch everything around you seem distorted with each and every step.

(Source: Atlas Obscura)

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