“THE NIGHT TERROR THAT IS THE HAT MAN” and More Disturbing True Horrors! #WeirdDarkness

“THE NIGHT TERROR THAT IS THE HAT MAN” and More Disturbing True Horrors! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Unlike most shadow people figures, the Hat Man – this tall, dark being often appears during times of emotional turmoil. With accounts from all over the world, questions continue to be asked about his origin – is he supernatural? Interdimensional? Just our imagination? Demonic… or extraterrestrial? What is the Hat Man – and what are his motives? (The Night Terror That is The Hat Man) *** He was a charismatic activist and local celebrity who counted the elite of Philadelphia among his friends. But behind closed doors, Ira Einhorn’s relationship with his girlfriend Holly Maddux was fraught with abuse, control, and ultimately, murder. The shocking discovery of Holly’s body in a trunk in Einhorn’s apartment was only the beginning of the hunt for the man they’d eventually call “The Unicorn Killer.” (Holly Maddux And The Unicorn Killer) *** On May 1, 1897, Louisa Luetgert, the wife of a prominent Chicago sausage-maker, mysteriously vanished. The last sighting of her was with her husband, Adolph, as they walked into his sausage factory. This chilling disappearance not only shocked the city but also caused a notable decline in sausage sales that summer. Gee, I wonder why. (The Sausage Maker And His Wife) *** Centuries of worship and tragedy have left behind more than just memories in some churches… they’ve also left behind spirits, some holy… some not. From ghostly priests and weeping brides to mysterious mists and phantom lights, there are hauntings that linger in these ancient sanctuaries. What eerie tales are hidden within the walls of the world’s oldest… and most haunted… churches? (Attending Church Eternally As A Ghost) *** In June 2006, Gilbert Gilman vanished without a trace during a short walk in Olympic National Park. Despite an extensive search and numerous theories, no evidence of his fate has ever been found. Was he a victim of foul play, or did he choose to disappear? (The Mysterious Disappearance of Gilbert Gilman)

00:00.00.000 = Introduction Preview
00:01:50.695 = Show Open
00:05:17.492 = The Night Terror That is The Hat Man
00:25:21.236 = The Sausage Maker And His Missing Wife
00:38:47.045 = The Mysterious Disappearance of Gilbert Gilman
00:44:56.529 = Attending Church Eternally As A Ghost (Haunted Churches)
00:58:09.998 = Holly Maddux And The Unicorn Killer

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Originally aired: May 21, 2024

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