Paranormality Magazine Podcast Launching Sept 30, 2023! #ParanormalityMag

Paranormality Magazine Podcast Coming September 30, 2023!

Launching just in time for Halloween – it’s Paranormality Magazine – the podcast; with stories culled from Paranormality Magazine!  Hosted by Weird Darkness host Darren Marlar, each week you’ll be treated to all things Fortean, embracing topics ranging from apparitions to extraterrestrial encounters, and exploring the diverse array of cryptid creatures in between. Stories gathered and written by a global team dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, sharing captivating stories, conducting insightful interviews, and providing up-to-date coverage on groundbreaking paranormal projects that are propelling the paranormal community forward.
Want some paranormality before the podcast launches? Visit!
Also, they are always looking for good guest columnists, social media influencers, visual artists, and podcasters to include in their magazine and on their website! Visit, scroll to the bottom of the page, then on the lefthand side under “About Us” you’ll see “Curious to be a part of this extraordinary journey?” with the linked words CLICK HERE underneath.

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