“PROJECT BLUE BOOK”, “THE CREATURE OF COFFS HARBOUR” and More Creepy True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

PROJECT BLUE BOOK”, “THE CREATURE OF COFFS HARBOUR” and More Creepy True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

Apologies to my Weirdo Family of listeners. I am still struggling with health issues (migraines and vertigo) due to the constant weather changes here in northern Illinois. Because of this, I am still having to post Dark Archive episodes. I will return to creating new episodes whenever I can, though it may be sporadic until we get past this crazy season of drastically rising and falling temperatures, rain and snow, high winds, barometric pressure changes, etc.
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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode, originally posted October 16, 2019) Ufology might seem like a fringe science — but it’s a fringe science our government knows all too well. (Project Blue Book) *** Life in Victorian times was considerably more dangerous than now, if the newspaper reports of the time are anything to go by. (The Art of Dying in Victorian Times) *** It’s easy to a consider single witnesses of a big hairy creature as mistaken or confused, or even fraudulent, as if a practical joke. But add a second witness to the same sighting, and suddenly the encounter becomes a lot more believable. (The Creature of Coffs Harbour) *** Did Mother Damnable—aka Mary Ann Boyer, Seattle’s original taskmistress —really turn to stone after her death in 1873? (The Madam Who Turned To Stone)
“The Creature of Coffs Harbour” by Tony Healey and The Cropster for The Fortean: http://bit.ly/35BHO6W
“The Art of Dying in Victorian Times” by Maria Pinheiro from The Occult Museum: http://bit.ly/35BIoSa
“Project Blue Book” by Orrin Grey: http://bit.ly/2VLjomI
“The Madam Who Turned to Stone” by Bess Lovejoy for The Stranger: http://bit.ly/2Mg6ES5
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