Renee’s Cleft-Palate Puppies – as heard January 27th on “Friday Frights LIVE”

From Weirdo family member, Renee.  She commented about her little pups during our January 27th “Friday Frights LIVE” and I asked for photos… so she sent them!
“Here are a couple of photos of the puppies that my husband and I rescued from being euthanized (because they have cleft palates). We watched your live cast while taking care of them.  They are English Labrador Retrievers. The girl is going to be called ‘Hunny,’ because she is so sweet, and the boy is ‘Snug,’ (he loves to snuggle). Our daughter contacted us yesterday and we saved them just in time, before the breeder had them euthanized. Also in the pictures is our 5 year old, 120lb, Alaskan Malamute, Jack, who doesn’t know what’s going on in our house now! LOL!”

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