“SHATTERED GLASS AND A LITTLE GIRL” and More Creepy True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

SHATTERED GLASS AND A LITTLE GIRL and More Creepy True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS DARKIVE EPISODE WITH STORIES FROM JUNE 2018: Love, infidelity, greed, and murder. True events that led to a best-selling book called “Blood and Money”. (Blood, Money, and Dr. John Hill) *** The lighthouse at Eilean Mor was unmanned. The clock on the wall had stopped, no fire was in the grate (nor had one been there for a few days), there was a meal sitting at the table. It looked like someone had set it down with the intention of eating it soon, but it was untouched. Whatever had happened to the men, it had happened to them suddenly. How could three men simply keeping watch over a lighthouse suddenly disappear without a trace? (The Missing Lighthouse Keepers) *** Heidi Wyrick’s experiences with the paranormal world started when she was just three years old, when Heidi developed an imaginary friend. The ghost of an old man appeared in her backyard, beckoning Heidi to play with him on the swings. (The Haunting of Heidi Wyrick) *** An angry spirit tries to physically harm a child with broken glass – and on the same night, it terrorizes the child’s mother in another room. (Shattered Glass and a Creepy Little Girl) *** An abandoned city in Cuyahoga Valley fuels local urban legends about a chemical spill and murderous Satanists. Welcome to Helltown, Ohio. (Helltown Lives Up To Its Name) *** There are places on this planet that are so feared that people don’t have the courage to visit them. Strange stories of mysterious lights, unexplained sightings and vanishings can be so horrifying that fear wins over curiosity to explore the unknown. (The Valley No One Dares Enter)
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