Spooky Black Eyed Children and Eerie white Eyed Kids explained?

(VIDEO BELOW) These black-eyed kids have been reported for the longest time. Some consider the events and appearance of the spooky juveniles as a modern myth, an internet era urban legend others think it is a genuine paranormal event. The history of these ghoulish boys and girls can either be traced to a webpage or back through the annals history depending on which of the two camps you favour. The legend says that they are everything from alien hybrids to vampires, one thing that every retelling of the story includes is that if you do cross paths with “never invite them into your home or vehicle” But the black eyes kids may now have some competition with the arrival of a new group of scary minors white-eyed kids! Are white-eyed children a new threat or have black-eyed kids changed their game?

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