“Staring Back” a poem by Bill Richardson

“Staring Back” a poem by Bill Richardson

Why do you bother me?
Staring there all alone.
Dark hat and over coat all the same tone.
What do want with me?
Say something
speak to me.

It’s me that you’ve got.
The Knowing of your coming and going,
staying, and roaming!
I’m over wrought!
While mind is ever foaming
I do find myself
As you are standing there

Why do you stare?
Why do you not confront up close?

Your smile Unnerving
Your stare unnatural
Your horrible Gaze
I can’t look away
In its simplicity a maze

My closet is your home
as it is to my coat.
Be careful in there
Of the garments there in

Why so close?
To feel my breath?
Why can’t I move?
Frozen nearly to death!
Why doesn’t that bother you?

Why cause sudden alarm?
Do you mean to frighten me?
Do I cause you harm???

Afflicted by attention of the most dubious kind you add meaning to my darkness of my mind

A specter you are
that prowls a foot and a foul.
Watching me watch you hour by hour.
Still one thinks as you draw ever clear
You’ll keep watch over me if danger draws near.
Goodnight terrible friend.
Take care of the closet of coat and shoe
For if they are disturbed
Then I’ll be watching you.

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