Airline Passenger Captures Fleet of UFOs On Video Over New Mexico

Airline Passenger Captures Fleet of UFOs On Video Over New Mexico

by Brandon Grimes for Paranormality Magazine

A passenger on a flight to Los Angeles recently captured unusual footage of glowing objects in the sky over New Mexico. The sighting occurred in May, but the video has only just been made public.

According to the witness, they first noticed six glowing orbs arranged in three stacked rows of two outside their window while the plane was flying at an altitude of about 30,000 feet near Taos. The orbs initially glowed yellowish-orange and pulsated brightly. The witness claimed to occasionally see a silver, disc-shaped form within the glowing light.

The mysterious objects then formed a straight horizontal line and appeared to enter a large cloud bank, though their glow still remained visible. After passing through the cloud, the orbs suddenly vanished without changing elevation.

The origins of the odd sighting remain unclear. One possibility is that they were flares used in a military exercise that only looked to be midair from the angle of the plane. Alternatively, the glow may have emanated from the ground and simply gave the illusion of being aerial lights.

Ultimately, the unusual nature of the video has sparked speculation, but no definitive explanation has emerged so far. The footage provides circumstantial evidence of unidentified flying objects near Taos, but more analysis would be needed to draw any firmer conclusions about the exact nature of the glowing orbs.

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